Friday, December 11, 2009

Rain Drops In My Thoughts

One rainy day in Big Apple, I had this thought popping up in my mind at night : Rain drops and our thoughts are siblings. They both come and go, they are look-alike.

Here’s the thought I got from its siblings, the rain drops.

The rain drops made me think about the invisible things around us, as I was looking at the pouring rain from the window of a bus I was on. They are so precious, do you know it? Can you believe in the things that are invisible to the eyes? What do you do with it? You don’t take it seriously and ignore it? or struggle to understand it? or you have a kind heart to hold it gently no matter what? ok, I think it depends on what I’m talking about. What about the love and friendships? You can’t see them with your eyes, but they are there for you always, sitting right next to you no matter how far you and your friends/families are apart. Can you see them smiling? Hope so.

I just wrote this scribble upon my thoughts above, thinking of all my friends/families living in the different cities and the countries.....Here we go...!

There are things I can’t do for you.
Because I’m here you are there. We’re apart.
I can’t go out for a fun meeting at a lunch or a dinner with you.
I can’t help you painting your new house in green with yellow polka dots tomorrow.
I can’t snatch your favorite ice cream from your hand and eat whole thing.
I can’t grab your love handles and say that you’re aging. ( mean! )
I can’t pinch your cheek and say “ wake up! “ in the morning.
I can’t do....etc....

But there are things I can do for you.
Because I care about you, and I don't need to be there with you for doing this.
I can send you my funny pictures to make you laugh.
I can call you and sing a happy birthday song for you. ( sure, I do it everyday )
I can see the same stars and moon and talk about it. ( unless you’re in a different galaxy...)
I can think about you at any time, so you are closer than you’ll ever be as my dear friend.
I can send you a mail with full of joy and happiness using my magical words.
I can do....etc.....

All in all....I'm happy that I can send you a piece of me by using an invisible sailboat across the Milky Way... ★

See? Whatever the things I can’t do for you are only the matter of the physical presence. Whatever the things I can do for you are sort of “ invisible”. You can find the underlying feelings of love & friendships there. You’ve got to see it through with the eyes in your heart though. That’s the most precious things in the world. That’s the things I care about the most. Thanks everyone. I’m happy to be a friend with you all ;)

Love and peas....and oatmeal?


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