Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blood Orange Marmalade On A Cold Day ~revised version

Cold wind, icy sidewalks, snow covered naked trees...the winter is still remaining perky. How are you, everyone? Hope you're home having a cup of tea or so.

I read this blog on my fav website, Superforest : Leon " Seasonality Chart ".  It was about fruits and vegetables in season. This article let me think of the benefit of the seasonal food. Also...I thought about our life. Our life also have the four seasons, you know?

First of all, how many of us are aware of the seasonal food when we cruise around the supermarket for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Our mother nature does not intend to produce strawberries for year-round, but we see them almost everyday. What's wrong with this picture? Aren't we supposed to eat the foods only comes out in its season??? Think about this. Here's a white peach at a local supermarket, and you're about to grab it...just because you love it so much. is the taste? hmm...something is wrong, this is not as same as the one you like. Yes, those are not grown naturally. So, they are lack of its true nutrients! Let's take a moment...the seasonal fruits and vegetables give us its magical power of nature directly into our body's system. They will help us get through the season.  As a result, we are happy and healthy! If you pick the one which is forced to grow in a wrong season, then it may not as powerful as the other one.

* FYI, This rainbow colored chart was created by people of Leon

Now, turn your attention to your own life. You see the ups and downs or the beginning and end of something throughout your life, right? Don't you think it's like you're experiencing " a season " of your life?  What I want to say is this : Everything has its season. We can actually put ourselves in a chart above, too. The  four seasons indicate the cycle of our life. Let's say, someone is starting out his new career  = Spring time. His work starts thriving rapidly and he's super energetic = Summer. He starts to see the result of his efforts and gains some achievements  = Autumn. The work has completed, then he's now contemplating to get down on a new assignment = Winter. Get it???  Know where you are, which season you are in. Try to use your maximum energy being the very best of you in the season. If you know this rule, all the good nutrients comes together into your life and you'll be able to grow a yummy fig or something!

FYI, my life still remains in the winter, but not that bad at all. The taste of it? hmm... slightly sweet, a touch of bitterness to follow. Just like a spoonful of Blood Orange ( winter fruits ) Marmalade... Looking forward to a warm spring time soon. I may dig for some Apricots ( spring fruits ) afterwards...!  Cheers to you all.




  1. I agree with you. I heard on the radio eating fresh tomato in winter is against natural law, because it cools the body. So even though I love tomato I eat canned tomato, simmered.
    Nature gives us what is really necessary:) We have to listen to our body, our great nature:))

  2. Hey, thank you for stopping by! Yea, you must be right. Some of the foods are better cooked during the winter. Interesting story. いわゆる冷えでしょーか?冷えは女の敵です。気をつけましょうねっ。胃の具合、どうですか?よくなったかな?梅干し食べて、治してください❤

  3. いえ、いわゆる食べ過ぎです。>m<

    Your favorite things attract me so much!! 特にニャンコ♪

  4. おっ、文明堂といえば、カステラ?いいなぁ。1週間程前に日本から帰って来たんだけど、デパ地下行って、色んな物見てるとあれこれ懐かしくって食べたくなるんだなぁ。カステラとか、ロールケーキとか?ああいうのはやっぱ日本!!日本のお菓子はさいっこうっすね。あ、うちの猫?前の彼氏からひきとりました。前足一本ないんです。だから歩く姿がシーソーみたい?ってことで、名前がシーソー。ははっ。保健所から彼が救ってあげたニャンちゃんなの。臆病者だけど、人に甘えるのは得意になってきたなぁ。アカネさんが近所に住んでたら、きっと写真撮ってもらうんだけどなぁ。遊びに来ませんか?(笑)