Sunday, January 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

Hola, everyone. Hana here. I'm trying to be a lazy cat today. Lounging at home, sipping a glass of soothing mint tea...ahhh....this is the ( cat's ) life! Had some yummy cheese ( I got it at a local farmer's market yesterday ), a few slices of walnuts bread with blood orange marmalade at lunch.


I've finished editing one of my slide show, I've already uploaded it in my web gallery.  If you wanna check it out, here's the link. Web Gallery

Ok, today.... I'll show you some of my favorite things around me. You may play a song, " My Favorite Things" as a background music.

I love my Blend Apparel T-shirt! Don't you wanna get one for yourself, too? Jon Marro is a genius designer! and these T-shirts are all environmentally friendly productions ;)

My kitty, Seesaw. Her pink nose is so so sooooo sweet! Currently, she's in love with a feathery toy. My roommate has got one for Seesaw recently. Yup, they are becoming a bff.

Sunset at Queensboro Plaza, NY. Love to see this golden colored train track. Don't you think it's like a golden bridge to your dream, yes?

My friend, Mari's handwritten original T-shirt. Her hubby is the best pizza chef in Kyoto, Japan. Stop by their lovely pizzeria and get one of her fantastic T-shirt as a souvenir. I strongly recommend to order the shirt in advance. Her Myspace site is here ➔ Otto Bello  Their pizzeria is located in Uji-city. This link may be helpful to get there...but sorry, it's only in Japanese! ➔ La Gatta

The music of my friend, jon ji, always encourages me a lot. He spreads a happiness and courage. He's currently on tour in California. Hope some of you can give him a high five at his show. Check him out on his web, pretty please? He sings 21st century gypsy blues. Interesting, huh? ok, here's the link. ➔ jon ji

Sunrise at Bliss street station in Queens. It's filled with hope. Well...the name of the station tells all.

James De La Vega's street art work, " Become Your Dream ".  I love them a lot. You can see some of his work in my web gallery.

I love to watch the night sky, listening to the chatting of stars and moon. In this pic, Miss Moon and Venus were gossiping about...a boy next door.

oops, gotta go now. The concierge of a la la land urges me to get back there now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm coming. See ya everyone, I'm off to see the wizard of dream... ;-)

Love and Peas...


PS. ...duh, why am I forgetting about this guy. Jason Mraz. Yes, love his music, thoughts, ideas, smiles...He definitely creates my favorite things!! Thank you. Namaste....

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