Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yummy Nummy Once Upon A Tart

Had a awesome yoga lesson this week! Feeling so fantabulous! How are you? Life is good and yummy?Mine is so far so good. Yummy as well. Speaking of was so so soooo good to have this yummy nummy Irish soda scorn at lunch last Sunday! it!! Well,  I wanted to enjoy my favorite food that day since it was a sort of special occasion. Yeah, yeah, 42nd birthday! ha, ha  :)  Due to my persistent jet lag, I didn't do any crazy things at all. Postpone those fun gatherings with my friends later in February. I just wanna celebrate my B-day for a month long or so. Strange? No, not all. I adapt the idea from my friend. I believe it's a sweet thing to do, Sí? oh, but I already had a couple of birthday sweets. Here's one. 

My favorite apple tart ♥ Got it from a bakery down in Soho, called " Once Upon A Tart ". Believe me, their baked stuff are so delish! ...and my boss got me this fruit tart at Citarella. Sweet?

Yup, my B-day is very very sugary. Another sugar laden feasts are coming soon...Stay tuned for an updated news of my growing muffin top. ha!

Today, I'm thinking of making a photo blog. I'll show you some photos and tell you what's in it, or what my thoughts are. Ready? ok, then... let's start it!

I just turned around now. My kitty, Seesaw was sound asleep. so sweet to see her face like this. Sweet dream, baby...chasing a butterfly in a flower field?

I saw this Miss Moon and an airplane the other day. They said hello to each, then the airplane was busy carrying people to where they can share LOVE...♥

The weather was grayish. Light showers give a life to all the living creatures. What about you, Mr? Are you happily singing in the rain?

Love is mysterious. It comes to us without any warning and suddenly... put a blindfold in our hearts! How can we get there? The place I can see you clearly? Guide me please, wanna see your smile.

Come out, come out wherever you are...It's only in your mind. There's nothing to keep you inside of the wall. You are free to go anywhere... I'm waiting for you. 


It was snowing when I got out of my bed on Thursday. My lovely spring flower, mimosa gave me such a delightful comfort with its sweet aroma in entire my bedroom. The yellow colored flowers were giggling. They told me that the spring is on its way. I hope so. I realy do!

Here's another adorable smile of mimosa. I tell you, boys. The Valentine's day is near. I strongly recommend you to send some spring flowers like this. A bundle of mimosa would be so charming in your love's bedroom. They are so fragrant, so sweet. I promise. This brings a smile on your love's face :) This is a tip from a flower child. Ok? blog will be ending with this video. I love this song. " The Rainbow Connection ". This is done by my fav musician, Jason Mraz and Paul Williams. Promise. It's worth listening to it. The slideshow is only for a huge fan of Jason or Paul ;) Listen to the lyrics. Beautiful...

Have a happy weekend!

Love and Peas....



  1. When is your B-day??? Yeah, I know you are Aquarius!

    I ♡ your photo blog. Miss Moon and an airplane's one inspired me!


  2. Noririririn! Thank you for stopping by ;) I love Miss Moon. Especially...when she is talkative and emotional. oh, my B-day? 1/24/1968. oops, you didn't need the year, huh? hee hee.

  3. Ohh, happy belated birthday, Hana-san!:))
    It's OK, to have a sugary BD. You must let yourself have a lot of sweets at least one day a year, heehee;D

    I completely forgot it's time for mimosa to bloom! Lovely!
    The yellow color in this rather monotonous, dull colored season gives me power:)

    Seasaw's dreaming eyes are beautiful:))
    They are best match to the dreamy melody of the song.

  4. Hey, hey, howdy? Akane-chan! Thanks a million! yeah, can't believe..I'm now 42. hee hee. What will happen when I hit 45??? oh well, I'll be who I am supposed to be, right?

    Yesh, mimosa is out in a market now. Their aroma is heavenly sweet ;) I believe japan has the most wonderful quality of flowers? Maybe you can stop by a local flower shop and sniff them? Glad you felt the warmth of spring. It's a good energy. Yay, my flower child's magic dust reached your place, too! Kewl... :)

    " Thank you, auntie Akane! I'll give you my kitty hugs! " ← Seesaw

    I still can hear the song in my head...peacefully.