Sunday, January 31, 2010

Howdy Sunshine, It's Sunday!

Breathe in through your nose....breathe out through your nose....Once again, in....and out. One more time altogether, breathe in through your nose.....and out from your mouth and say haaaaaaa...... Ahhh.....Feels good, no? How are you spending your weekend, everyone? I'm still in a deeeeeeeeep freeze in NYC. Yesh, the winter in NY is awfully cold, freaking cold. I'm not fond of it at all. Not at all.  Despite of the cold weather yesterday, I attended my favorite yoga class at Kula Yoga Project, trying to get a kick out of it. The class was packed with many yoga enthusiasts! My yogi Steph was still a bit sick, but she gave us an awesome lesson! Thank you, and feel better, Stephanie :)

As I was walking towards my favorite pastry shop " Once Upon A Tart " after yoga, I saw these crazy guys working on a street. It's on Canal Street and Broadway. Here's what they were doing in the frigid weather!

Yup, they were painting a mural for an advertisement of some sort! They must be the ninjas? Whoever they are, their work is super! Hope they get a bowl of yummy & warm chicken noodle soup at a chinese kitchen near by ;) 

I encountered another creative people on my way back home. This happened in a subway station. I was waiting for a train at the Union Sq station, then...I started smell yucky smoke coming out of somewhere all the way inside of a tunnel. I immediately turned around and tried to get out the station. comes a cheery music...! Aha! Yes, it must be them, " Baby Soda Jazz Band ".  I was right. Haven't seen them quite some time, but I looove their music. It makes your feet tap and dance. 

They have a pretty big family in the band, so I see the different faces always. This time, I bought their latest album! whoo hoo! Baby Soda rock!! They are on Myspace, check them out ;)

Today, I had a craving for beets! Sí, one of my friend's comment makes me think of this root veggie. I know, it's out of season right now, who cares? I just wanna EAT them!! Thank you, those fantastic farmers in California, Florida, and Mexico and elsewhere. We need you badly! Anyways...I made a yummy balsamic vinegared beets ♥ 

Wash and clean the surface of them...

and slice them...what? who said I killed them?!

Place them on a tray and put it into an oven until the surface is slightly cooked. This way, you can lock the yummy juice inside! cool?

Now, it's ready to do the rest of cooking. 

Put them into a pan, and add some extra virgin (me?) olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.  Add water till it covers the surface of beets. Cover the pan and heat to boil off any excess water.

When the water is almost gone and the beets get tender, taste for salt, season with a little lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. Toss with a sprinkle of dill. ( or tarragon, parsley )

Yay! My yummy beets! Mangi, mangi... :D

This was a part of my lunch menu aside from a butter milk scorn and a super green drink. oh, this super green drink is so easy to make. I got it in Japan. It's a barley powder. The taste is like Macha-tea. 

Add a tea spoonful of  the power into a container and shake it with some water. That's it. good to spend a weekend like this. Wish tomorrow is Saturday again... ha...! I think I'm gonna go for this as my dinner...raw raw raw your boat, gently down the stream...♬ ha ha ha. Go Raw!

A bowl of colorful veggie salad! The ingredients are... baby spinach, celery, carrot, watermelon radish (cute? Got them at a local farmer's market), zucchini, and fennel. Maybe...I make some soup, too. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Be well, 

Love, love, and love...



  1. Wow, so many beautiful veges! And they look yummy! Watermelon radish I have never heard, and I have not tried beets, maybe. Beets and artichoke have interested me a lot for many years, but I don't see them sold where I live.

    I have forgotten to breathe deeply for a few months. Yes, it's very refreshing!
    I'll do some stretching as well or my body will get stiff before spring comes!:D

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  3. Love raw veggie. I go for a raw food diet sometimes. The raw food cuisine is very popular in CA. I've been to some of the raw food restaurants in both CA and NY. Boy, they are so creative and delish! ah, yes. I am a vegetarian, but not a vegan. Dairy products and seafoods are ok, but I adjust myself to others when I eat out with friends or attend a party. Especially, while I stay in japan, forget mom don't get the idea of being a " vegetarian " at all...ha ;p Yeah, some of the veggie are hard to get in japan. I remember...I looked for " Yurine " in NY, but to no avail.

    Taking 3 deep breaths is absolutely refreshing. I do yoga for stretching and meditating. My friend, jon recommended me to do it since I have a chronic lower back pain due to my work ;p It's a slightly bitter taste of reality...I'm aging. duh duh duh ;p

  4. That looked amazing, Hana! Are you an extra-virgin? Ha ha ha!

  5. Hola Jackson! Thanks for stopping by ;) hee hee heeeeeee, I AM always " an EXTRA-virgin " in my mind. and EXTRA fresh in my soul. :D la la la♬