Friday, February 5, 2010

Yearning For Yarns

February 2nd,  Groundhog day!! I heard most local groundhogs didn't see their that means we are in store for a short winter?! Yay?!?!

...tick tock, tick tock....

Fine, I'd be honest. I've been trying to write this blog, but I've been busy visiting la-la land early evening hours lately, so I couldn't. Open my blog, browse some pics and crash on my bed...I repeated this pattern until today. It's already Friday... Happy weekend everyone! Hope you're well and smiling :)

Ok, spring may be just around the corner, but you know what's coming next weekend? The Valentines's day!! As a flower elf / flower child, my assignment this week was to come up with a sweet idea for the special occasion. hmm...oh, yes. I know what I can do ;)

Here's what I did. Seeing is everything.

I decorated simple glass vases with colorful fabrics and yarns. Looks a bit sweeter, no? The vases need to dress up like girls, too. Then finally they creates a magical harmony with flowers to entice your love's heart. 

Pretty in colors. More work to be done, but this is just a sample. 

For some reason, I've been hooked on a yarn lately. The texture is so soft and fluffy. It makes me feel like rubbing my cheek on it. Yarns are Colorful and fuzzy. They can be entangled, they can give you some itches, they can give you some warmth...

Speaking of love, I took these lovable pics this week. Their sweetness made me smile. 

Hola! A lovely heart showed up when I cut a watermelon radish in half.

My boss brought a box of cereal for his breakfast, but the expiration date was way way too long, I picked these cute heart shaped ones and arranged them with flowers in our flower shop's window. 

James De La Vega's artwork on the street of NYC. Isn't this so adorable? Fish in love. Cute :)

I guess when we think of something, the image is starting to appear everywhere we look around. I hope our world also changes into a peaceful place as we have a image of green & love filled planet earth in our minds. So, go ahead everyone. Create your world / environment with lots of love. 

Now...I'm gonna knock on the door of a la-la land. 

Sweet dream ;)

Much love, love, and love to you,



  1. Awww, I am completely melt by the last photo! (as you expected? haha)
    The drawing of fish in love is also cute!

    My life seems to need more of beautiful things compared to you, like music and flowers! Especially flowers. I don't put flowers around except when I got them from friends on some occasion.
    Your decorated vases are so pretty, full of happy and adorable air:))
    Yes, the colors are just for coming Valentine's Day! (Oh, I bet you're busy for the occasion. )
    I'll decorate a little pretty flowers in my room, too:)

    Viva la vida, it's beautiful, magical song! The play you mentioned was super! I love people playing very much. And I love the combination of piano & cello:))

  2. hee hee, I know you're kitty lover ;) Aren't they cute? Found them at a vet near by our shop. So peaceful and adorable...♥ Their unconditional love is amazing, isn't it? We gotta learn it from them, huh?

    You're surrounded by lots of beautiful things, too. Look at those photos you've been taking. Those are truly beautiful!! You have a heart that can see the beauty of nature, cats, things around you. Even though you don't have a flower in your room, you have it in your heart. That's really wonderful. But yes, living with flowers are sweet. They don't have an actual voice, but I hear them whispering to my ears...I am happy to be a flower child ;) Lucky me, I even have a right name! Hanako the flower child. ha ha.

    Glad you like the music. Yes, cello is sweet in the arrangement. I should go and see some jazz again. Live music is always the best. NY is one of a great city for digging a variety of music. Especially...jazz!

    Have a great weekend!