Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sowing A Seed Of Possibility

A messenger came to see me and gave me this quote : " So where in your life are you challenged right NOW? How could you take those exact same CIRCUMSTANCES and create an opening, A NEW POSSIBILITY, for yourself? "  It's a quote from one of a blog I read : Self-Examiner. Yeah, this is what I wanna add to my check list. I'm steering my heart to see how I can lead my life to a new possibility. 

This little messenger looks cute and sweet. How he got here? I don't know. He was there, a couple of blocks away from my apartment, but I found him right next door of my building a few hours later. hmmm.....he followed me???

His smile actually gives me a comfort. Telling me not to worry about the future. I assume he wants me to understand this : The most important thing is to enjoy every moment of life, both good and bad.  True. Being grateful for every moment will lead us to create a door to the next chapter in life. Am I right, Mr. Messenger? 

"Taking those same circumstances and create an opening", it sounds very similar to what my friend is doing with his artwork. He is currently working with his big project for his own sake. It requires lots of time and a strong will to accomplish the work. What he does is very simple, cutting paper into a same thin strip, weave those strips into a one sheet. Then he paints each tiny square with a red paint. He repeats the same process over and over till he finishes about 10 sheets or so. As he paints the square, the paint will be used up, so he adds more paint and water into a dish. There...the changes in color occurs. He just let the changes to happen. Trying to see the new possibility in his art. Some changes are not even visible...and the truth is none of those tiny squares are the same. Everything is different, everything is ok. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. There's just a vast of possibility in abundance. I can see our life on his art.

We live up to the same routine circumstances day by day. Although it's easy to be swallowed by the momentum of passing time, I want to be aware of being in the NOW. By doing so,  I see the differences in life, then I'll be able to appreciate each moment of my life. I imagine those red squares in my mind as a trace of my life. Some are deep red, some are light pink...Creating a new possibility may be very simple. Just like what my friend does with his art work : Take the same circumstances and find a opening to a new possibility.  Try to be aware of what we do in the present. Be in the NOW, live in the NOW. You're already creating your new masterpiece...!

Time to snuggle down in my bed. Need to get up bright and early tomorrow.

Sleep well,  I see you tomorrow...

Good night, love always!



  1. I really love his art, his attitude (and yours) to life! Take things as they are, right? Our days, even if they seem the same (and dull), are a tapestry of slightly different colors, and those who can appreciate it will be happy. Maybe I learned that from my cats too:))

  2. I wish I can show you the pic...but I respect his privacy first. It's still in progress, so I don't think he would show it to the others yet. His work is always meticulous and he uses the same envelopes from his office. Yup, he recycles all the envelopes!! Cool, no?

    I learn a lot from him. So great to have him as a good friend ;) Learning to live, Learning to be ME.

    You're absolutely right! Our pets are the best guru of our life... ;)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's nice to meet you too.:)

    & beautiful post! I loved how you related your friend's art to moments in your life.:)

  4. Hello back to you, too! Thank you for stopping by :) The quote is truly cool. Thank you for finding it and sharing it with everyone! You rock, miss!

    and..extra thank you for giving me such a warm clap on my blog :D

    Well, it's so nice to know that we can find an inspiration everywhere. Just a bit of awareness changes everything so alive. Life is lik a tapestry, patchwork...the most beautiful piece of artwork ;) Glad that I can share my thought with you.

    Have a great weekend!!