Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Of Those...

Hello there. Hope you guys are having a good time this weekend? Sí?

Yesterday, I was good and bad. I mean, I was irritated about a few of minor mishaps and forgot being in the state of happiness. I walked around the park later...then I got myself back. Listening to the voice of trees and spring fairies brought me a peaceful state of mind. I tried to shift my energy to a good one. Feel so awful, doen't it? Whenever we feel some kinda doubts or negativities or just simply getting frustrated by those minor incidents?  It's only in our mind though, you know? Those feelings are not us. Our life is wonderful, but our feeling tries to get us and let us see the grim image of life. Lucky me! I know how to kick the butt of those dark side of feelings! Yay!

Anyways, I found these awesome messages from lovely spring fairies in the Central Park. I wanna share them with you today...

But first...a week ago, the park was like this.

and now... a bunch of spring fairies worked so hard whole week....then, this transformation has happened!

Birds are singing a happy spring song.

New shoots are coming out and stretching out their bodies. 

Flower buds are becoming big and preparing for a spring recital.

ahh.... so good to feel the spring breeze after a long loooong freezing winter. This is a time for a rebirth, a time for falling in love, a time for starting out a new career, a time for _________ ( fill in the blank whatever you want to add ). Forget the yesterday's struggles. Today is a new day. I smile and ....a time for a coffee chat with my friend now!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!




  1. it's a time for trying a new project;))

    I always learn a lot whenever I come here: try to take the positive side of things, appreciate what we have now, deep breath, etc.:))
    And thanks for everything today! I've got email from him. He is way too nice! I was really surprised by that and feel a deep gratitude to both him and you! Thanks a lot!
    Enjoy the bud of spring:))

  2. Sounds like a plan, Miss! Go girl!! whoo hoo!

    I'm glad I'm able to share some thoughts with you. That's what I wanna do on this blog site. There may be someone else reading this blog, and If I can bring a smile or hope in their heart...I'd be super blissful :)

    You are welcome, Akane-chan. He sent me an email a while ago, saying that your photos are awesome!! He loves what you do ;) yaaaay! You've got another admirer :D I want you to take more "Akane Pics", so I'm also super happy that you're getting those films. I definitely look forward to seeing your fantabulous magic on the photos.

    Thank you for bringing a joy with your magic ;)

    Happy Spring!!