Monday, March 15, 2010

After The Rain

It's been raining whole weekend since...Friday night. Saturday was one of those heavy duty stormy day, being drenched and miserable. Good to listen to this song, " Raindrop Keeps Falling On My Head ".

Despite the weather condition, I attended a yoga practice as usual. I needed it so badly since my yogi Steph was finally back from her trip! Yay!

Is this a trick of calming sound of raindrops? I was about to write something a while ago...then forgot.  I should've taken a scribble about it! oh, well...hopefully I'll be able to retrieve my memory sooner or later. Meanwhile, I wanna show you this amazing " onion " ( no, it's not a coconut ).  Isn't it nice?  What you are seeing here is a " life " !! A new life is just about starting its journey... or, it may be a new shoot of possibility? 

As I've said on my previous blog, spring is a time for rebirth. All the plants will soon sprout and animals and humans are going to be bouncy again. No longer lay dormant, a new life, a new energy are bursting out from each individual life form. This onion is no exception. How amazing to see the transformation!

Looking at the onion besides my bedroom window, a thought popped up in my mind : The onion's transformation is a form of a progress in its life. The progress is invisible when it begins inside of its body. And the same goes to our life, too. Although it seems there's nothing much different between today and yesterday or a week ago and a month ago, we're making a progress everyday. The progress toward our own goals, dreams, ideal worlds... We'll get to see a result of our progress sooner or later. So, keep up your good work, everyone! Can't wait to see a new shoot on your head!

Lastly...let me introduce my dad's recent progress. At age of 76, he's going on a open-heart surgery in April. He rejected it first because of a fear of possibility ending his life shorter...but then, he changed his mind. Wanting to see an ultimate good result on his health condition. He wants to dare not to be defeated by his heart problem. He wants to live more. What a beautiful word " Live", " Being alive "...! So nice to hear the news. I am totally proud of him. His surgery is risky, but I believe he'll make it. Since his surgery is scheduled around Easter, I call April 7th as my dad's resurrection day. It's a good omen, yes?   I'll keep you posted about his journey. Wish him luck, please? Thank you in advance ;)

Here's my pic with my dad and mom. 

I love you, dad. I always do. 

Hope you guys are having an awesome day!

Love & Peas...



  1. Yes, I believe your father will make it! :))
    I believe in the power and will of "life".

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful tune. I love getting wet in raindrops when I wear t-shirt, cut-offs, and flip-flops:D

  2. Thaaaaaaank you!! Yeah, I don't wanna worry, cuz I know it doesn't help at all. He survived twice in the past regards to his health condition, the first heart attack about 27 years ago and cancer in his large intestine about 7 years ago. This time, he'll get a help from a piggy. Yup, he needs to fix his artery in his heart by replacing the tissue with the one from a lovely piggy. lol. It'll take a looong time for a surgery, so hope he can catch up with the hours! Thank you, he'll be happy to hear your cheer ;)

    Glad you loved it! I love this ukulele. so sweet, isn't it? Getting soaked in a rain? yeah, it could be so romantic, too. I loved a steady drizzle in Amsterdam. I wished a boy walking besides me had been my boyfriend! hee hee. He's just a friend after all. ha ha


  4. Si, chica! I feel good about his surgery, but mom makes me feel kinda worry. Well, she was more optimistic before. She's changed a bit. Maybe, she's just aging... ;p Thanks for sending me your positivity!!