Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anger Management Inc.

Have you ever lost your temper completely ? and feeling awful afterwards? I guess everyone has been there, done that before...right? I'm not a screamer, but yes, I throw things when I get irritated... Nobody sees it anyways? ah, right. I admit. I do this when no one is watching me. ha ha. I just wonder...why throwing things gives a chance to overcome the anger? I dumping the feeling far away??? Interesting.

About a week ago, my employer/friend totally went bonkers. It was like a temporary insanity or some sort. Must be so hard to see things clearly when people lose their temper and drive everyone crazy. And the core of a matter is usually nothing serious. They get snap...because they are under a lot of stress or pressure throughout their daily life. You name it, trouble over a relationship, traffic jams, an event with a wrong time and a wrong place... Like it or not, we are deeply affected by those bumps in life.

How do you control your anger without disturbing others?  I find a good one! I try to shift my anger into peace whenever I push a fury button. How? Yoga. Stand in Tadasana, then move to Uttanasana, of course breathe accordingly.  I repeat this until the quiet state of mind starts to appear.  Luckily, I have a place to be alone at work, so it's perfect!  Learning to remain rational would be the best solution for " Anger Management ". I was content with what I did while he was bursting out his anger for nothing. He apologized later though.

I also notice how easy to hurt someone by words. You know, people want to defend themselves and blame someone for their unhappy condition. Throwing nasty words to others create a gap between them. That doesn't help for improving the condition at all. Only by using considerate words to approach people would be a way to amend the problem.

oh, and how you can get rid of your stress? Well, you gotta figure it out by yourself. There are many ways to live without stress.  I practice yoga, accept changes in life, stay fresh each day, and know that each events are there to provide us for a new opening : An opportunity for a new possibility. Think about it, things are happening for good and bad. And we learn to be patient when everything is gone bad. Ok? Nothing is life-threatening. Where there's a will, there's a way.

If you need a guidance to live happily, go and read Joyologist Tricia Hoffman's blog, " I Am Being ".  She's good.

Let's maintaining a balance in life both good and not so good. BTW, the picture of a dancing ballerina above is a pun for this. ha ha. Hope your " Anger Management " is working properly.

That's about it. Enjoy your day wherever you are :)

Love, Peace, and Namaste...



  1. I can get upset and irritated when driving (wow, too dangerous?) but otherwise, I don't seem to get so angry... hmm? Oh, I lied. I often get angry about trivial things. But not so much, so terribly. I'm very forgetful and don't have much stamina, my anger vapors and disappear very soon. Deep breath helps a lot too! But aside from that, yoga sounds soooo nice! I'm thinking of starting it. I don't get enough exercise so my body is getting stiff...:((

  2. I see. Have you ever bumped someone's car intentionally?? hee hee. Nice, your attitude towards anger is cool. Forget all the chaotic events would be super! You may not have any stress then? Dennis/my employer is like always under stress...therefore he is always uptight ;p

    ahhh, YOGA! yesh, it's so refreshing...It clears my mind, too. There're many yoga studio in japan, I believe? Can't wait to tomorrow's yoga practice :D

    I'm so sleepy tonight. I'm gonna crash!