Saturday, April 3, 2010

Start Fresh

Wow, it's April already...! I've been waiting to see all the beautiful spring trees so badly. How are you everyone? Being perky and happy as the weather gets mild and warm? Isn't it so nice to see spring transformation in everywhere? Had enough of rain so far...I see the rays of sunshine coming through my window blinds right now. Feeling alive, feeling happy. 

I strolled around my favorite place, Central Park, on Thursday and today. Everyone seemed so happy to welcome the spring weather. Reading, chatting, sleeping and jogging.... People are soaking up the sun with joy. Great time. Oh, due to a holy week, I would say this to you all...Happy Passover and Happy Easter :)  The Easter bunny is munching Matzo? 

These are the pics of cherry blossoms in the park.

Hope to see them in Japan, too. I'm leaving tomorrow to Kyoto... I'll be there for my dad ;) 

BTW, This April is a special month to me. Dad's surgery, being unemployed, starting a new life and seeing some changes in other people's life. It's so interesting when everything is coming together for a fresh start.  I'd be honest. I'm scared about putting my feet into the unknown, I mean getting out of a comfort zone. I even had a mini-breakdown a while ago...and I'm sure I'll face to some obstacles along the way in the future. As far as I'm concerned, this would be a remarkable new chapter in my life. Looking back my past 15 years, I stayed and worked at the same flower shop. Whoa...15 years...! Time flies, really. Love to my work made this happen, you know? Brava! Time to move on now.

As I was watching the cherry blossoms in the park today, I recalled some conversations with my friends I had a while ago. Those were very inspiring stories. Each story came from a different person, but the main ingredients are the same : Courage, Hope, Positivity. Those people in the stories dip their toes into the unknown and experienced a metamorphosis, a fresh start. What a perfect timing to hear about these stories! I believe something big and magical is pushing my back to follow my interests.  A small step or giant Godzilla step, I'll walk on a new map of my life.

Ok, time is up. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

Love, Bunny, and Cherry Blossoms,



  1. Ah, I love cherry blossoms! Beautiful pictures!:)

    Good luck in Kyoto and with your transition into new things! I admire your positivity and bravery as you get out of your comfort zone.:)

  2. Thank you! I recently purchased a new DSLR camera...I'm hooked on it ;) Yes, cherry blossoms are sweet. I love them both pink & white, single petals and double.

    It's actually pretty good, but sometimes I feel a pinch on my cheek. Yup, reality bites. ha ha. But, without getting out from a comfort zone, we never grow. So, I should do it. When I get back in the US, I can do whatever I want to learn, experience, have fun or suffer. I'll be an artist of my life. I'll make up my life to be super blissful one ;)

    Have you watched this vid? I guess you did as a one of superforester.
    I'm following this ;)

    Have a sweet spring time! Hope you had a great Easter holiday!

  3. Oh my goodness, yes, I have watched that video! Like, two days ago! Weird, huh?

    And thank you, you too!:)

  4. yay! That sounds cool! That video is really cool. Glad you enjoyed it, too :) Superforest rock!!

    I'm now in Kyoto. Slightly sleepy...;p I met my dad today and he looked well. Tomorrow, it'll be a looooong day for him. I'm gonna crash now...need to store my energy for tomorrow!!

    Thank you!! So nice to hear from you again!