Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Transformation In Progress

Time flies...17 days of my Japanesy life passed so fast, and can't really believe it's been almost a week since my arrival in the US. Yes, I'm back in where I belong to. Well, New York is still my base camp at least for now. I may change my mind in the future, who knows? I trust in the ever-changing climate of the heart ( I borrowed the expression from Jason Mraz. Thank you. ) 

My trip to Japan turned out to be fantastic. My dad's surgery went well and he's recuperating faster than we expected! High 5 for his fighting spirit :) As the spring season kicks off with tons of cherry blossoms, signs of new life, hope, and happiness shows up everywhere we look around. Good to feel the vibes from the nature. 

oh, I show you some pics of those cherry trees in Kyoto before anything else. 

There were so many places you could go and see these beautiful trees throughout the city. Just amazing! Go and see those beauty next spring time if you can. 

Anyways...my spring dream life in Japan is over, I now face to a reality in NY. Ouch! Honestly, I would've stayed longer in Kyoto because I could stay away from this uncomfortable change in my life. Uncomfortable? Yes, stepping out from a comfort zone is very hard. I get lots of pressure and fear by putting myself in the unemployment condition. I can easily get lost in time and end up doing nothing. Here we go, my mind is trying to escape from the NOW. Boy, I thought I'm willing to take this change though? Fear makes me think of avoiding the hardship. 

You'll have to excuse my negativity. I'm a human, I have fears and dark side. Yesterday was one of those depressing day ever. Maybe a gray colored sky and rain added a grim impression to my feeling. Aren't we all have those day, are we? I wanted to lift my heavy heart, so I decided to give myself a gratitude every time I accomplished one thing. Here's the things I did yesterday : I sent out thank you notes to my relatives who visited and shared love with us while my dad was in a hospital. I called my mom & dad to check everything is ok, I read the instruction of filing unemployment...Most importantly, I splurged on sleeping! Need to get over with a jet lag as soon as possible... otherwise I won't be able to use my brain fully!! My language button also needs to switch into English not Japanese ;p Suffice to say, I felt better by the end of the day after acknowledging some improvements in my present situation. 

I found this quote on Superforest today : “Happiness comes from accepting the present situation, whether it is something you wish to savor as long as possible or change as quickly as you can.  Neither is possible without acceptance as the starting point, because without acceptance you are living on the periphery of your life.  There at the edges, you can’t fully enjoy the good stuff or do anything about the rest.” –Victoria Moran  Thank you Superforester Aaron, you made my day!

Time to make more progress...I'll see you all later ;)

Love to you all wherever you are, 



  1. wow~~~, sakura photos are nice! beautiful!!

    yeah, there are cloudy days, rainy days, and also sunny days!
    it's the balance:))
    (o, but i have been worried about the weird, extreme weather these days!)

    relax, take a deep breath, and then try hard again:)

  2. Thank you, Akane-chan!

    You must remember those Sakura in KYOTO, yes? We miss them so much...huh? It was extremely special for me to meet them. Yeah, it's been a looooooooong time to see their smile in Japan. Good time :)

    Yes, I do breathe deeply...and think about a good & big dream :)
    Feeling down is actually good to survey the location of pains.Then we can fix the part and keep growing. No pain, no gain. That is.