Monday, February 22, 2010

A Tale Of Finding A Perfect Soulmate In 5 Chapters

1. She was cute and funny. Loved to explore her little world everyday with her tiny step...oh well, she was still way too young to meet up her lovely prince anyways?

2. Then she grew up a bit, found someone made her heart bounce......awww...he was her first "love at the first sight". The yellow cardigan boy was smart, kind, and sweet. She tried to be extra cute whenever she had a chance to hang out with him. Unfortunately....he had to move away. oy vey! Although she and the boy exchanged several letters for a few months or so, it didn't last well. They were just kids. Made another friends and left the past as a good memory. 

FYI, She's in the middle of the front row. A blue colored sweater dress girl. Funny hairdo ;p

3. As soon as she became a high school student, she realized her decision was totally wrong...yup, she picked a girl's private high school, not an unisex public school. ha ha. Instead of having a crush on someone in a real life, she had a crush on a musician. Nick Becks/Kajagoogoo...he was the only Prince Charming during her adolescent days. Namaste...

4. Well, after all those chaotic school days, she finally settled as a grown-up girl. Found a job, enjoyed freetime with her new pals at a gym. She thought her colleagues were all kinda nerdy, so she looked into another locations/opportunities for finding a love mate. She joined a party, ski tour, swimming tour, you name it. She did whatever she could do to meet her special someone, but to no avail. Life was harder than she thought. 

5. She got bored with an ordinary life in her hometown, Kyoto, then she started to search for something interesting...At the age of 24, she made a trip to NY in 1991. Oh, yes....she met a super cool guy...! He gave her a courage to explore a new journey. The chance meeting with him turned out to be an eye-opening event. Of course, she had a crush on him...but she was just a tourist, so she went back home and planned to go back there again. She got an intuition : There must be someone out there in NY..." he " maybe the one?!  Her heart was filled with hope and anticipation...She returned to NY in 1992, met someone new, but broke up with him about 6 months or so. She was lucky enough to reunite with the guy she met in 1991, but they remained as a best friend. Months and years passed... short and long term relationships happened and ended. She's currently still in a search of Mr. Right. Is she lonely? Maybe. Is she desperate? No. She's just a happy girl, knowing who she is, what she wants. Being grateful for a gift from life. Sitting by the window, she chatted with a seagull : Hey, do you know where my love bird is, Sunny the seagull? Need her help a bit. Go and look for the birdie for me, please?

As she looked up the sky, yes, there was hope in abundance. The sky was turning into her favorite salmon pink. " Mmm...I can feel it. Something sweet thing is happening soon...! Yay! " Her day was super. She's fine. 

Love always,


PS. To all the single beautiful girls, or boys... No need to worry. You'll meet someone funny & lovely when you see a love bird in your heart. You only need to prepare for it, I mean, for the bird to build her nest in your, smile. Everything is wonderful. 


  1. Awww, you were so cute, and now you're beautiful, confidence, relaxed:))
    I enjoyed the reading, and words from someone like you are so encouraging. Thanks! Yes, I'm on search of a soulmate. Maybe I'll have to go out a lot more often!! :D

  2. Thaaank you! I'm totally flattered :)

    Yeah, it's funny...I don't get any pressure on the issue of finding a lovemate at the age of 42...hmm...probably, I'm already numb. ha ha. I just wanna try to create a happy feeling as if I have someone special right now... Making it up and visualize what I want. Listening to Jamie Cullum's songs makes me feel like I'm in love. His music is soooooo goooooood :)

    Well, who knows? You may find someone through the cyber world..!