Friday, February 12, 2010

Drink Lemonade, It's Good For You

Hey, hey, hey! What's up with you all? Busy weekend for a romantic night with your love? Ok, ok, fine. The Valentine's day is coming, but you know what? I have an inspirational story I wanna share with you all today.

Have you heard about an independent documentary film called " Lemonade " ? This was created by Erik Proulx who was laid off from a large ad-agency. Yup, he got a pink slip, then he found his life. hmm...I don't wanna say a lot about this short film before you watch, so....just click on a vid and enjoy. It's worth watching. I promise.

Whatever you do with your life, it's your choice. Choose wisely and don't fall asleep while you're creating your life / yourself  ;)



PS. Sorry, whoever lives outside of the US can't watch this! Wait till it comes to your place in near future...ok? Meanwhile, you can browse their web site here!


  1. Hi, sweetie!
    I checked "Lemonade" you recommended.
    Thank you, I got some message from it.
    So I'm sure to keep going forward!
    That's my "Lemonade story", right?

    PS...happy v-day♡

  2. Awww, sorry that I can't see the video!
    Anyway, happy valentine's day:))

  3. Hola girls!

    @Nori-Kewl. Hope they are able to reach out internationally someday, you know? The film is about 35min or so. They share the experience of being laid off and created/found themselves in a new life. Very very inspirational. I love one of the yoga teacher said in the film : It's easier to fall asleep in your own life, and just kinda... take what you have and assume that's the best you ever gonna have. But you can make huge profound changes, I know it for myself and also with my clients. I see them do this... Very insightful, gee I really wish you can watch this vid!!!

    Anyways...Happy Valentine's Daaaaay!

    @akane-I know, it's a quite inspirational film. Wish everyone can watch it! Hopefully, they'll make the way to show it internationally someday :) Happy Valentine's Daaay! I think I'm just gonna get some my fav scorns from now...! Maybe a piece of pear tart, too ;)