Sunday, February 21, 2010

If You Had A Magic Wand, What Would You Do?

Heyo, what's going on with you?

I found a blog about this young British chef, Jamie Oliver on  my fave positivity blog site "" a while ago. oh yes, I love love loooove his cooking book! If you don't know him, go to his web, and check him out! His cooking recipes are fantabulous!

BTW, do you recognize the material in the pic above? It's a one of my lovely colored yarn untwisted and a deep cerulean blue glass behind it. Loving the color so much ;)

oh, here's the link of the blog.

Make Jamie's Wish Reality

He recently gave a stunning speech on TED about how he wanna help people to fight against obesity and educate every child about food. This is his wish and the answer to his own question : "If I had a magic wand, what would I do? " His message is pretty intense and impressive. When someone talks with his/her passion, you'll feel it and it moves us to do something good. Very effective way to create a better world, yes? Here's the video if you wanna watch his superb speech.

...and now I'm thinking about my own version of answer to the question : If I had a magic wand, what would I do? Of course, my passion leads me to the answer!...but somewhat...I struggle to see what I really wanna do or what's my real passion is. I do love my work as a flower elf, then I ask myself..."This is it? Anything else??? Am I missing to see something behind it? " If I strain to see it, the mean fog immediately comes out and gives me a blurry image of my passion. I only know this simple core of the matter though : Whatever it is, I wanna feel happy. I wanna feel the same happy feeling I had while I was on a bike in the Netherlands. That bike ride trip gave me an insightful perspective of my journey. I saw my path I was on and believed the path was the right one for me. I was so sure that I would reach to the place I wanted be no matter how hard the wind blew against me. I felt joy and grateful for being ME.    Maybe, just being who I am, what I am would be my passion for life?

Well, there is another thing that I want to accomplish in my life by using the power of passion. I wanna share the happiness with my family, friends, and people I happen to encounter. I would spread love and kindness of flowers through my work, then I would be happy if I'm able to bring a smile on someone's heart. or, if I could send out the same good energy through blogging and be able to light up someone's heavy heart, that's also super sweet. hmm....funny. Writing this blog gives a way to see things clearer than before. My keyboard has a magical power? Interesting. 

It's sunny and bright here in NY today. Feeling a touch of springy air. Very nice :)

How's your magic wand? What do see when you use it? Let me know if something unthinkable comes up, ok? 

I'm off now. 

Enjoy the rest of Sunday afternoon!




  1. Hana! I just found your blog and this post! Thanks for linking it! Great photo of you on the bike as well!
    Superforester Heather/After the Harvest

  2. Hello, Heather! Thank you for stopping by ;) I found your blog/After the Harvest while I was browsing Twitter by chance. That's how I found you as a superforester Heather. Loved your post about the movie " Waitress". Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts :D

    BTW, Jamie is super. I truly love his passion....oh,and thank you. The photo is my favorite :)

    Hope you have a superforestacular weekend!!

    Love and smiles from my sweet home in Kyoto of Japan,