Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gonna Bake A Pie?

Oooops, it's already 1am. Well...I tell ya. I enjoyed watching this chick flick movie tonight! I read a blog (After The Harvest) about this movie today and became curious about it..Yes, as Heather mentioned in the blog, Keri Russel's southern drawl is superb!! Oh, boy...and those scrumptious pies....this movie makes your tummy really hungry and gives you a motivation to bake a pie. Seriously. I don't have any baking tools at home, but it really moved me to feel like going to the kitchen, then bake a pie or two! BTW, a song Keri sang in the film, " Baby Don't You Cry " is very sweet. 

The story is about this young waitress, Jenna, struggling with her life, making a wrong choice, being stuck with it kinda thing. Also, you'll see how she learns about what would love do for her. It's a mix of drama + comedy, I guess. I'll save you all the detail of the story till you watch it. If you just wanna feel happy or if you're trying to make a change in your life, then watch this. It gives you a certain positivity to kick your butt off and keep you staying on the most courageous path in your life. I think our spontaneity gives a chance to start a new day / life. I mean, too much of thinking and planning would cause us to feel anxiety. Follow your heart, start a new day, and enjoy adding more flavors to your life. 

Looove what the owner of a diner said to Jenna : Start fresh.  Neat. We are all capable of starting a new life as fresh as a " Freshman keylime pie "...

Thank you, Heather! Your blog made my day!!

Listening to " Baby Don't You Cry " as a lullaby tonight.

Good night.

Love & Pies...



  1. Thanks for the info about the movie. I already feel like a piece of apple pie;p I feel like I've known the story, but it's may be that I mix up with another movie featuring a waitress witnessing a murder of her husband(but it's a comedy movie). I don't remember the details, but it WAS interesting. If you don't know, check it out:)) Oh, the title is "Nurse Betty".

    Thanks for the link to the lovely song. It served good to me who is bad at listening to English:)) So sweet, both the song and you;)

  2. Hola! Our internet service was dead last night. Slept well and finally .... we got the juice in our cable!!! phew... ;p

    ah, a murder + a waitress? Nice combo. I'm sure the plot must be super funny. Did you watch " Man On Wire" ? This documentary movie was breathtaking....! Passion moves people to do things, you know?

    Thank you and you're welcome! I would definitely love to sing the song with someone I love.....of course in the ( near←never forget the power of positivity ) future though. Let me go hunting my Mr. right!! hee hee

  3. hanaaa!! so lovely to hear from you again. I am in Hong Kong preparing to go to Beijing for 4 months of language school! I'm so happy to read your blog! It's wonderful! I hope all is well! lovelovelove!

  4. Jackieeeeeeeeee! Thank you for stopping by!! I am so grateful to know that you're well and happy in your new place :) You're the director of your own life...another journey to Beijing sounds so exciting!! Looking forward to the amazing story of your life soon again ;D

    Sending love from your ex-sweet home, Big Apple...

    Love & Smiles...and yummy Raspberry pie,