Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow...Blizzard 2010

I woke up this morning, and I was disappointed about the accumulation of snow over night. I thought Mr.G must have given us another wrong forecast.

So, I went out for my weekly flower shopping at Van Vliet wholesale flower shop near by. I bought a bunch of salmon pink rose " Trust ", yellow daffodil, and mimosa. By the time I finish arranging flowers in my bed room....the weather condition turned out to be a severe blizzard condition. ha ha, sorry, Mr. G. You were right. We've got a true blizzard!!! Yay!

Who would stay in a home if the weather like this? I definitely.....go out!! Looooooooooove snow, I just don't like it when it's starting to melt. Slashy street sucks ;p's my friends covered with snow in Central Park today...

The pics look kinda smoky due to a white out condition. I was soaking wet after 2 full hours of long walk in the park. Now I'm home  and lounging comfortably. The wind is still strong...and snowing! Hey, blizzard 2010,  it's ok, we had enough snow can go now?'s nice not to think about anything seriously. I had a beautiful snowy day, that's it. Nothing more. 


Miss snow girl, Hana


  1. Awww, so beautiful!
    These are what I wanna photograph! Snow white world, especially trees!
    I saw an article of New York woods in snow from New York Times or something. Snow makes familiar world something new and pure. It's so fantastic.
    Oh, you walked around in the snow for as long as 2 hours? You love snow indeed! Didn't you catch a cold? I hope not.
    Have a warm and comfortable weekend:))

  2. was super beautiful. You would be able to capture the wintery nature so well with your camera & eyes in your heart ;) Any winter/spring vacation to Hokkaido? I wanna see your wintery pics!

    NY's winter is nasty. I'm not fond of it at all.... ;p I only love to see snow, especially...a blizzard! Love it when it's snowing so hard with a gusty wind.

    Thank you, I'm ok. I only have a couple of frost bites on my toes. ha ha. I'm eating well, sleeping well, blogging well (?) ...I guess a powerful Acai berry supplement works on me perfect! Yay!

    Any plans for the Valentine's day? I know, you guys need to buy some " Giri-choco ", yes? Happy Valentine's Day! oh, and A Happy Chinese New Year, too!