Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's 2:30am...do you know where your heart is?

Bummer...a jet lag is bugging me a lot! As my peaceful sleep time was disturbed by the persistent jet lag last night, my mind started to wander... then rise and shine! Here comes a bright morning. Sleepless, but gotta start a new day... oy vey ;p  Anyways...I posted my tweet/status on Twitter & Myspace several days ago and some of my friends commented on it. I asked this question randomly : Letting go of your possession is hard or easy?   So, what's on your mind? This has been a big issue for me somewhat. I often discuss about this with my shinyu / best friend by email.

Like it or not, we always come across to " hello and good-bye " on every event or beloved item /possession at a certain time in our life. How do you deal with it? Are you good at letting go of things? Be a master of letting go. Know when to release your heart from them. You'll be able to enjoy your life without any stress by doing so...I know I'm just talking about an " ideal "way of life. But it is true...I suffer if I hold those things so dearly. I prefer the things to flow...not to be fixed. hmm...

ok, imagine....you've got a coolest hat, loving it so much. then...oops! You left it at a counter of a coffee shop!! Ugh...! There's no way to get it back. What do you do if you're in the situation?? Think about the whereabouts of the hat for the rest of a day and feel unlucky and sad? or detach your thought from it completely and feel content with what you have still? Don't you think the latter seems happier?

What about this situation? You are having an super awesome time traveling in a foreign country. Your experiences made you strong and wise. You feel refreshed and happy.  Now, the vacation is over, back to your home. All you can think about is... the great memories of the vacation even though you have a tons of things to do in your physical world. It seems you're forgetting to be in the now. It's ok to cherish the past, but better not hold it. Because...we only go forward, not backward.

Letting go of what we love is definitely not easy. But sooner or later, the time will approach us to say good-bye to our attachments. We just need to work on how we can detach from them, and release our feelings from them when a right moment comes. Ebb and flow. This is a cosmic rule in this world, I believe. You know why it's hard for us to follow the rule? We are so afraid of making and accepting a change. Letting go of things means we're making a space for something new (condition) to come in. Yup, something new. Changes are coming, and we are not so good at being ready for them!

BTW, I read this blog long ago. I found it very interesting. It's about " ebb and flow ".  You'll see this artist's work visually and learn how he accepts changes and letting go of his attachments.

Sand Dancer

I llike this part in the blog : "Don’t fight it.  Trust Peter’s example:  the unstoppable tide is an opportunity for change, for rebirth.  Destruction is part of the evolution of beauty.  It’s elemental, inevitable and ultimately LIBERATING. "   

Well said. That's it. Go with flow.

Hope you find a way to a happy-go-lucky journey in your life :)

Love & Peace,


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