Friday, May 14, 2010

Slow Down....

" Slow down, you move too fast, got to make the morning last..."
Simon & Garfunkel

I definitely agree with what Simon & Garfunkel sing in the song.  Our urban life style usually forces us to keep going. We are not having enough time to survey what our life's purposes are. Take a moment in the morning, or afternoon or before you go to bed. Just look around and find the serene joy coming to you. Ask yourself what's your priority in life? Hope you find the answer. BTW, I felt the flower smiling joy while I was looking at these guys in a park. Check them out. 

Green leaves are swaying in the spring breeze....

Then, trees are dressing up with a ray of sunshine....

Little white flowers try to embrace you in their arms....

and these little blue flower says, " Don't forget about me! "....

I know this must be my privilege to have this happy moment in the park, yes? I am a Flower Joyologist, I understand their (=flowers & trees ) words ;)  It's already weekend, everyone. How are you spending your free time? Movie? Hiking? Bike tour? Whatever it is, enjoy the moment you live in. Enjoy every moment you breathe. Here's my favorite quote : Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. -Albert Einstein

Love to you all,



  1. What both S&G and Einstein said sound nice and soothing. They got to the bottom of my heart. Indeed.
    BTW the photos are really lovely, hana-chan!! Yes, I love them:)
    They express how you can hear and understand their words:))
    I wish there were a park like the one you have in NYC!!!

    Spend a nice weekend, my friend!:)
    (oh, take care not to catch a cold;p)

  2. @akane-Goood morning, my dear! Hope you're well now? Glad those words inspire you, too :) I love the magical words that keeps me going. I love them as much as I love photography to express our feelings or thoughts. and thanks for the compliment on my photos! Those are my the reflection of my heart that I found in the park ;) I'm heading to Brooklyn Botanical Garden today. I was there for a wedding job, but then...I saw lots of pretty things there.....! I gotta see their smiles again without the interruption of work.

    You'll love these huge parks in the US. You know, NY is an urban desert, a concrete desert, therefore...need an oasis to heal our souls & bodies :)

    Yes, same goes to you. Enjoy your weekend! Hello meow to your lovely kitties from Seesaw!



    @domofosho-Hello there! Thank you, happy that you enjoyed it :) Did you read Jason's recent post? wow, he's so amazing, isn't it??? He definitely gives me a boost to stay awake, really AWAKE. Loved the story of his teenager era. How sweet to see the music notes popping out from a speaker ;) Let's hope to hear his new songs soon, yes?

    Have a fantastic weekend with your LOVE!

    Love and petals of flowers,