Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being Free

I was at the rooftop of my apartment building the other night. Wanted to look up the evening sky and listen to the urban sounds of New York. Wish I could share the sound and soft summer breeze with you all. Feels so magical to stay up there, you know? All the visual images and physical experiences are merging into one. Like you're creating a piece of art.  I love it when it happens...!

I've been thinking about " Being Free ". This photo shows you the state of " Being Free ".

Yup, I cut the straps off from these sandals because they hurt my feet a lot. Without the straps, I feel much comfortable!! See? My feet are no longer tethered, no more blisters! Yes! ...and I notice the fact that I'm living in the condition I'm no longer tethered as well. Being unemployed and I'm free. Only a myriad of possibilities stand out. What a great feeling that is! 

I was once a waitress dreaming about becoming a flower designer in NYC. My passion led me to what I wanted to be : A flower designer.  I kept walking on the path for a long time. The straps clung to my old path has been cut off and they let me go. I'm on my way to find other possibilities in my career path. I believe the reality is the creation of our thoughts. Here we go...I've started conveying my dream into a reality once again. and you know what? It's been great. Seriously, everything is starting to work out well. I'll keep you posted on my story ;) 

Meanwhile, I'd share these images of my " Being Free And Happy " moments with you all. 

Found an ice cream truck in soho. They are so so soooooo good! 

and I got a scoop of yummy (handpicked)strawberry ice cream! ahhh.... nom nom..and nom... :9

Of course, I found a perfect place looking at red rambling roses while I was eating the ice cream.

See that? How gorgeous they are? Peeking through the iron gate, I got kisses from the peach roses. 

At my feet, there were twinkle twinkle little yellow stars greeting " Hello! ". 

The little white flowers are like clouds in the sky. Gentle and fragile. 

I love strolling around the city when the weather is good. Finding these precious little happiness are extremely fun! 

Lastly, this is just an additional part of this blog, not related to the title at all..., but I happened to open this book " A CLOUD " a while ago, so let me introduce this artist,  a Japanese graphic designer, Katsumi Komagata. He's an award-winning graphic designer who are inspired by the development of his daughter, and he began creating sets of visual story books and playful cards games in 1990. I love his book called " A CLOUD ". In the book, he explains how our daily life keeps changing and ends eternally...then a new life, a new day to follow. He gives a metaphor by using the life of clouds : Clouds meet their changes in the shapes and dissolve and reborn again every day, every hours, every minutes, and every seconds. He uses different textures of papers so that it gives you a great physical sense of feeling or touching on the different clouds every time you turn the pages. Life never stop changing, we can only cherish the past but holding it. I love his words at the end of this book : The clouds seem close but are very far. They keep on forming and changing all the time. Clouds contain water which is heavier than air by almost 800 times. Million of tons. Great energy is in each cloud. Gradually, they become rain falling onto the ground. We are always under the sky. In my childhood I wondered why the clouds moved. Sometimes they would make me wish something and think of someone, sometimes I would predict the weather with them. There are cloudy days. Sometimes I forget to look at the sky because I am too busy. So there are clouds inside the book. As we turn the pages, memories come back with the view of clouds that we have seen before. 

Hope you are feeling happy and free as well. Wherever you are...I send you love. 

" The clouds form and die eternally. There is only clouds for today.
There will be clouds again for tomorrow."

Much love & gratitude to you all, 



  1. The ice cream truck is lovely, a bit nostalgic:))

    "Being free" sounds great but sometimes difficult. Well, everything has its positive and negative side, and what matters is which side to choose, to think much of. And then it will be fully enjoyed:) Oh, I sound like I'm just speaking to myself;D
    The book is imaginative and creative! Nice! I loved pop-up books, which are wonderful and made elaborately, soooo lovely. But these days I prefer simple picture books. So I find "a cloud" nice! (Mr. Sasek's books are ever favorite, though;))

  2. Yeah, the truck is cute ;) I met the truck again today...ha...I got another one. hee hee. Ginger Ice cream :9 Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

    You're right, it all depends on how you wanna interpret the situation. Being free could be rejuvenating or it could be just lazy. Whatever it is..we are responsible for our acts ;)

    Mr. Saeki?? What book are you talking about?

    Love picture books! Let me know your favorite books!!