Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Fun

Howdy? I guess most of you are back at work already. How was the long weekend? I had a great one. Yes, I got a opportunity to be a flower elf this weekend!!! Yaaaaay! So sweet to be involved with what I love. I helped out an event designer, Jerry Sibal at Design Fusion NYC

The weather was nice but hot...then the designer required us to wear all black attire for his job. So, imagine...boy...it was the most appropriate day to wear a black T-shirt and a pair of black pants! All the designers were melting. The wedding was held at a country club in Long Island. I was too busy to take pics, but I have some to share my experience with you all. Here we go. 

Boys and girls are preparing the low centerpieces for the dining tables using wheat grass, white roses and some lemon leaves in a square box. You'll see the final product later. The front arrangement is a bride & groom table arrangement I worked on. 

Boys are constructing a frame for a place card table arrangement. Using the designer's signature material, wisteria vine. 

Jerry is working on a runner for a ceremony. He meticulously attaches small pieces of white fabrics shaped in rose petals onto it. Beautiful and romantic.

So, this is the tall centerpieces for a dining room. His style is always lush! Peonies, roses, and hydrangeas...." An Event To Remember ", his latest book reveals another gorgeous works of his company. Check it out! 

and the low centerpieces with candles and a mirror. The reflection on the mirror must be fantastic when you light  up the candles. They illuminate everything around it. 

A place card table. The bride looooooves this phalaenopsis orchid. 

Cocktail tables are situated outside with simple arrangements of white peonies. The glass vase were all covered with tropical leaves. It gives you a clean, crisp summer sensation. In this kinda weather, it's perfect!!

Here's the decoration of a ceremony. The boys set up these metal gates. Too heavy for me?! 

Two big entrance arrangements and a chuppah decoration at a back. 

Oy vey....building up this chuppah under the hot & steamy weather is hard...!!! We have to keep spraying on the flowers otherwise...they wilt quickly with the heat :(  

Lastly...this is a cake decoration we ( myself and another designer ) worked on in a refrigerator....brrrrrr...yeah, it was cold!!! Crazy day with the extreme temperature changes, you know? BTW, the cake looks delish, yes? I tasted a piece of white chocolate...yum! shhh....it was just a piece! 

So, this is the life of flower people. We are all here to make your event special and most importantly our mission is to make you happy :) I must say, flower people are all flower joyologists! We love to send you our love throughout the work! 

Recovering from the body exhaustion because of the intense job on the wedding, I visited Central Park again yesterday. Wanted to receive a healing energy from trees and flowers. Then I happened to encounter these people!!! 

Yup, they are hula dancers!!! I later figured out they are the students of  Halau Hula O Na Mele 'Aina O Hawai'i. The organization offers the hula dance lessons and gives some performances in the city. Surprisingly, among them...I found a girl I know of! A white shirt with a flower in her hair...she's the owner of a boutique, Saada on the 2nd Ave and 61st street. She was superb! This event provokes a strong interest on joining the class. Funny, one of my best friend in Japan is also crazy about this Hawaiian culture. hmm...universe suggests me to explore another possibility to expand my flower joyologist misssion. Interesting.

I can see myself in the group...I wanna join it!! 

Remember, life passes with a blink of eyes. Enjoy each moment of your life. Be happy, Be creative, Be who you are. LOVE WHO YOU ARE. 
Love and gratitude, 


PS. Ms Joyologist Tricia Hoffman is joining aids bike ride tour between 6/6-12 for 7days. Let's send her cheers and love!! Namaste...


  1. It must be the greatest pleasure and fun to help in a wedding with what you love:))
    You assisted that gorgeous designer! wow!! sugoi~~!!!
    It was a day to remember for you as well as the bride and the groom, right?
    Yes, we must enjoy each moment, love ourself, and then we can love others:))

    have a nice day!

  2. Hola, my dear!

    yeah, it was fun fun and super fun!! Yes, he does lots of huge events and my roomie used to work with him as a full-timer. She was not a happy camper though. ha ha. Why? hee hee, no comment ;p

    I saw people smiling and talking about flowers. Some of them just stopped by while we're working and gave us great compliments. Yay!

    " Love who you are " , this is the basic of our living. When we are able to love ourselves, then we know how to take care of others as well. or it may goes vice versa sometimes?

    ahhh...it's a beautiful morning again! I'm gonna go volunteering all the way up in Bronx today. I have no idea what my duty is yet, but I'm so excited!!! and I definitely try to learn Hula :D

    Have fun with your show!! I'm always there in spirit :) I send you my special pixie dust!! Whoooooooooooooooosh!

    Love and pixie dust,


  3. such a gorgeous wedding using lots of flowers! i love wisteria vines as well. it's my dream to create a large arrangement using them some days...

  4. Happy Sunday!

    Yeah, Jerry loves to make everything lush!...no greens at all. Love to use some greens though?

    I know, those vines are so beautiful. I never made a big Ikebana arrangement before. Must be difficult, but so appealing to make one someday. I also love some big stones and distressed woods.

    Hope you had a great weekend!!



  5. Dear Hana,
    Wow. Breathtaking! Looks like a huge endeavor.
    It must've been an exciting thing to be part of.
    Maybe some day you, Aya and i can collaborate on a big fantastical arrangement with all kinds of gnarly vines, wonderfully distressed wood, and beautiful stones!!!Thanks for sharing pictures. Love, Lily

  6. Hi, lily!!

    Glad to see you here again :) Thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate it.

    yes, this event was fun and exciting. I've known Jerry for quite some times, but never worked for him before. Now, I'm free and can take his job offer. I am grateful for this opportunity so much! I would give high 5 to Universe!! Yay!

    oh, that collaboration work sounds very cool, Lily!! Love to have a chance to create something artistic piece with you all. I am so happy that I'm stepping into a great new community in the flower world. Thank you for sending lots of flower love...

    Much appreciation & flower love,


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