Monday, July 5, 2010

Love note

"I love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you. Yes, I do..." - Luc and The Lovingtons

Have you had a moment that you felt "love" so profoundly? It could be for someone particular or  someone in your imaginary world, or it could be just about general LOVE in the universe. For some reasons, I suddenly wanted to write a love note to whom/what I'm in love with the other day. Maybe the power from fresh green trees in a park whispered the magical words of love into my ear , maybe the spirit of yoga evoked the feeling in me, or music stirred up my emotion...? 

"Hello my love! Waking up this morning, I just thought about you. Your awesomeness feeds me at anytime, anywhere. I can see your face in my heart every minute, second, and every millisecond. I know you are very good at playing hide and seek, aren't you? Sometimes, you drive me nuts! But you know what? I'll find you wherever you go. Because...I know how you laugh and hum your favorite song, I know your hands are always looking for mine to hold, I know your warm stare tickles my heart. Oh, hear that? Birds are teasing me cuz I blush, blush...and blush when I look into your eyes...I'm a helpless cat in your arms....  <3 " 

Love is crazy, sweet, passionate...What would you do with it? Suppose you find it on your palm as a shape of those cute marbles or candy. Roll it? Crush it? Taste it? Whatever you do, it's your choice. Send a message of love to your special someone today. Talk about LOVE with your friends and family at a dinner table. You know, LOVE may play hide-and-seek with you tomorrow. So we might take an advantage of now to hold it, embrace it, caress it. 

May everyone smile with a shower of LOVE tonight. 

Nite, nite...

Love to you, you, and YOU! 



  1. ここではお久しぶり^^
    まずはsomeone special に出会わなくては。

  2. おっひさー!