Saturday, July 31, 2010

Being Happy, Being Me Part 1

Hola, how are you? I've been away from writing for so loooooooooong. The month of July was just filled with fun fun and more fun! Yeah, it's summer!! Hope you guys are having a great summer as well ;) 

What I have been doing this summer....ok, I had a fun 4th of july celebration with my friends. Watched Toy Story III, had a yummy Korean dinner, clapped our hands for Macy's fireworks. Although the weather was extremely sticky and yucky...the celebration was excellent. Then I had a fantastic guest from San Diego, we strolled around Williamsberg, Brooklyn and he had a chance to sing his songs at an open mic at a bar. Later his friend joined us, we had a crazy dancing night...oy! and then...I flew to San Francisco for a spiritual workshop with Matthew & Terces at Cafe Gratitude. wow, that was a super nutritious experience ever!! oh, yes, I am absorbing their teaching now, slowly but surely. Thank you Cafe Gratitude community in SF. My gratitude and love goes out to every single person I met at the workshop. Thank you Angi, thank you Marta, thank you Naomi & her friend who kindly gave me a lift to SFO. Thank you, Matthew & Terces!! I'll definitely try to make another trip to " Sacred Commerce " workshop!! Keeping my finger crossed. Wait and see how the universe wants me to take an action ;)  and lastly...I had an amazing trip to San Diego!!! It was a BLAST :D  My friend & his GF provided me so much fun entire my stay in SD!!!!!!! Hiking, watching the night ocean, walking around a lake under Miss Moon's smile, awesome authentic Mexican food, yummy chinese noodle.....laughter after laughter...Man, my summer just let my heart and body bounce a lot! Thank you all of you, YOU! Yes, YOU=EVERYONE and EVERYTHING I met and experienced!! I've now charged up with tons of love fuel :) 

BTW, what I've learned at Cafe Gratitude workshop was very inspirational. Prior to my trip, I wanted to know how I can come out of a scarcity in life and access to a world of plenty. Their teaching gives me a great tip for that achievement....

I wanna write about Cafe Gratitude workshop, but I'm tired. Today's yoga was pretty good, and my body tells me to sleep now ;p Sorry, I'll write the rest sometime next week, ok? Gotta be a super early bird I'm gonna crash! 




  1. Hi, Hana! Nice to see you post again after a loooong interval;) And this post was so much fun to read I went through it in one stroke!
    I'm so happy you met wonderful people and things, you had greatest experience!
    I really envy you went to SF and San Diego! They are both on my "wanna-visit" list:) NYC too. I hope to visit the USA as soon as possible next year!

    Looking forward to reading about the Cafe Gratitude workshop:) I'm interested in it because I have had some small spiritual experience recently.

    Have a nice Sunday:)

  2. Goooood Morning! 4:30am, what I'm doing, huh? Gotta get out before 5:15am, so just wanted to say hi!

    haha, I know, I know. It's been a while. I haven't had time to finish the other blog yet ;p I must say....I've been having too much fun in the sun! and yes, thank you! I feel I'm lucky to experience these great opportunities ;) I love to hear about your trip as well, Akane-chan!

    now, gotta go...! Enjoy your day/night!!

    PS. I'll try to finish writing about the workshop this week!!!!! ha ha

    Love & Meow,


  3. Great post.

    When you figure it all out, make sure to write it down. In a book, in perfect japanglish, and I will buy it. I want to know.

    Say Hi to the hybrid couple in Central Park for me!


  4. Yay! I'm happy to read that you are having a wonderful summer, Hana! So I do too!
    I'm also looking forward to read more about the workshop you attended to!
    Have a great week! ☼

  5. Hola, Blood Suck'n Chupacabra!

    First of got me!! I couldn't figure out who " Jonathan " is... :p

    oh sure, I'll write a book when I'm ready. My perfect Japanglish adds a charm and secret power into that book. I'll give you the first edition with my lovely autograph, Peter.

    I visit Central Park almost everyday since I got back from CA. Found another peaceful place...I'll take you there next time. Rent a bike and cruise around the park, sounds fun? and, yes, I'll give them your message tomorrow ;) Their green is so deep and fresh now. They sometimes offer a peaceful shade for a human couple. I guess their love attracts lovers underneath their arms...

    Hope everything is well, jon!

    hona, matane...

    Love & giggle,


  6. Hey, Marie-Eve!!

    Thanks for stopping by :) I'm still recuperating from my work yesterday ;p It was a looooooong day! Left home around 5am, and came home 11pm. oy....I only had a couple of hours of sleep because of the noise from my neighbors and I was in la la land while I was making all the beautiful flower arrangements. ha ha. But seeing the bride's smile was priceless :)

    yeah, my summer is super excellent this year! Wait, last summer was also awesome. I had a music summer...Jamie Cullum, Jason Mraz, and my friend jon ji. oh, and guess what? Tricia is moving into NYC this month!! Yes, Miss joyologist, Tricia Hoffman!!! Can't believe she has decided to move to NY!!! Hope she'll do some workshop or something...One more month to taste a summer flavor...what would you do? What's your plans for the rest of the summer, Miss?

    oh, and thanks for the email! I'll respond to it tomorrow.
    Have a great day and a new week!!

    Love and gratitude,