Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Tiny Feather

Hola! I know, I know...I suppose to write about the second part of "Being Happy, Being Me ". But unfortunately, my mind is now experiencing a mood swing, therefore, today's blog is about my little thought on this tiny feather... ha! Take it.

A tiny feather flew from somewhere and rested on me in a park. I carefully held it with my finger, then tried to put it into my card case. Whoosh! A mischievous breeze swept it away from me! I was disappointed not being able to keep it. I know it's silly, but it looked like a tiny piece of "Happiness". I felt like I lost a gift from it... Oh well, anyways, I wish the feather a happy journey.

Guess what? It came back to me very next day while I was reading a book in the park! Yay, the tiny happiness returned to me!! I kept it safely in my card case this time. Is this a message from the universe? There has to be a time and place to receive things? What do you think, people? The clouds are hanging heavily. Having a slight headache. Let's go home.  I'm a bit tired. See ya tomorrow, my trees ;) 

Kisses from trees and ME,


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