Friday, August 13, 2010

Girls' Night Out!

" I saw fireworks from the freeway, and behind closed eyes I cannot make them go away..." -Jason Mraz

Me, myself, and I...and 4 of other beautiful japanese girls headed to Breezy Point on this Monday evening. Just to watch the mysterious night ocean. ha ha, girls just wanted have fun :) Nope, no boys, people. We rented out a sexy red Volvo for the night. Everyone left their own clutters ( work, laundry, assignments, emails...etc) at home and soaked up a blissful fun night. 

I had been wanting to see the night ocean so badly...then I asked a friend if she's interested. She immediately called me up and we ended up having our gathering at a beach. Fantastic :) Thank you Universe, thank you Mayumi!! My wish was granted :)  Yay!

Unfortunately, the sky was kinda cloudy. We expected to see the sunset at the beach though.. :( hmm...this is funny. Every time I decide to go to a beach, the sky is covered with thick clouds or fogs. June Gloom was hovering above the city of San Diego while I was there, too. I wonder I am Miss. Misty...? Tell me the truth, Universe? 

The weather cannot beat our girl's power! See? How happy we were???! The ocean breeze was pretty strong. ooops, a bad hair day! ah, are you looking for me? I'm there with a black shrug and a coffee. Ok, ready to hit a beach, girls! good to be at the good to hear the voice of ocean! I kinda liked this cloudy day in the end.  Off-white color of sky brings up the softness of the ocean and sandy beach. Love! The magical power of our lovely ocean helped us feel calm and peaceful.

We had a great supper : tuna sandwich, fruits, cheese, cookies, and red wine. The sky turned into deep dark grey color around 8:30pm or so, then we realized the tide was on the ebb. Seeing the ebb tide, I thought about letting go. Letting go of the things, letting go of my feelings, letting go of the flow of life. My mind became so clearer. I absorbed myself into the peaceful voice from the ocean. Felt so blissful. I wish I could share the happiness with you all...! The ocean was as gentle as a midnight summer breeze. She/the ocean sometimes....gets cranky though... ;) 

Here comes another weekend to create your lovely memory. Soak up with the sun if you want to, pig out your favorite dim sum if you want to, make out with your love if you love to...Carry out the things that make your heart bounce. Love your life :) Love yourself. You are worthy of all the LOVE is. 



PS. Monday, the 9th of July was a new moon. I've heard that your wish will be granted if you manifest what you want to create in your life on a new moon night. So, we, 5 of us did practiced the manifestation wording. Hopefully, each of us will see the good outcomes in the near future...Keeping our finger crossed!

and all the pictures (except the one with a red Volvo) was taken by Miss. Yumiko Furukawa, a superb Japanese artist. Check out her web site. Her work is beautiful.
and my friend, Mayumi owns her petit art gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and artsy web shop as well. You may find some cool arts and goodies out there! Check it out.


  1. I thought you had visited night ocean, I mean, I imagined you went to the beach at later hour... really black sea, black sky with full of stars! :D
    The beach in the sea look very lovely... I love the dull tone, colors a lot indeed! The cloudy sky looks different, looks more beautiful and expressive than that I see here in Japan.
    Good for you that your wish to see the night beach was fulfilled, and that you had fantastic girls' night with your wonderful friends! I'll check out the sites of your friends later;) ...I'm too sleepy not, though it's still a little past 9 p.m. because I'm a bit drunken, haha.
    Have a nice Sunday:))

  2. haha, you got drunk? Good for you! Why not? It's Saturday!!! Have fun :D

    Well, when Yumi took these photos, it was around 8pm. then it turned a bit darker around 9pm, but it's too dark to take photos with iphone ;p I think we stayed at the beach until 9:30 or so. There's no street light going back to a parking space, so we had to leave there before it got completely dark ;p

    The cloudy sky and the sandy beach are a good match, I guess. This is your kinda color, isn't it? For some reason though, the color of beach let me think of Vanilla Ice Cream...... :0 I've been eating Ice cream a lot this summer...ha!

    I am sleepy as well. I've practiced was good but Erin's lesson is always tough!!! I'm sure I'll have a body ache tomorrow... ha ha.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!! Oyasumi~



  3. Ahhhh, the peacefulness brought by the ocean! And a deluxe picnic on the beach, han?! Wonderful!

    In my last trip, each time I was on a beach, I was feeling just like you did: letting go. Mother ocean has this great power on us. I found myself many times to write down in the sand one of my fear or feeling, and Her ebb tide washing it away, leaving me hopeful, peaceful, grateful each time.

    Hope all of your wishes will be granted, Hana the Flower Joyologist from NYC! ;)

  4. sounds like a great trip!
    i can smell the ocean air just looking at pictures!

    and don't worry about the clouds. that is not the only reason you could not see the sunset.
    you are on the east coast. facing east. yes?
    psst. sun sets in the west.
    come back to san diego in fall, and we'll all go see it! clouds won't follow you in the fall.

    nice ride,btw!


  5. @Marie-Eve

    Yay! Love picnic!! Wish I could share the sandwich Mayumi prepared at the beach. Yummy!

    ah, that's nice. Writing your fear and feelings on the sand and it'll all wash away by the wave. Perfect!! Reminds me of the sand dancer's story on Superforest. I'll do it next time! Thanks for the great tip!!! Love it :)

    Today, I stayed at home straightening/cleaning up some stuff. and found my old notebooks. I'll write about it later on this blog. Reading those past thoughts were fun! Very interesting. good to hear my name as a flower joyologist...!!! Thank you, your words and encouragements always help me out a lot :D Have a superb new week!!

    Love and gratitude,


  6. @Jonathan the seagull

    ohhhh, yes. Both Cape Cod and San Diego, You have the great locations to smell the ocean breeze :) Do you agree? The breeze is a bit stickier on the east coast???

    ha! The sun sets in the west!! Very gooooood, peter :D Made me laugh again. hee hee heeeee. and yeah, visiting SD sounds awesome!! I'm seriously thinking about getting back there again this winter though? Wanna escape from this city's nasty nippy winds! Can't wait to go on another fun hiking and seeing the sunset at a beach in SD :)

    Having a gig tonight? It's a jazzy night with Miss Erika, yes? Kewl...I've been listening Bill Evans for a couple of days. Loving his piano...

    BTW, Ben Sollee is in SD. Check him out if you get a chance!

    Much love and pixie dust,


  7. you are welcome any time!

    ben sollee was amazing!

    i love bill evans.
    especially "introducing bill evans"
    amazink album.

  8. Yaaaaaaay, Arigato :D I'm worthy of all the wonderful things.....ha ha. there, abundance practice!

    hmm....Can't find the album on iTunes....Must be super old one, yes? I'll ask you for this on Myspace then!!

    Gracias, Peter :)