Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Being Happy, Being Me Part 2

Hey, hey, hey, what are you up to? Had a great weekend? Had a hot date with someone new?! Life is fresh. Just like those yummy & juicy peaches! Have fun, taste every bit of the flavor. oh, you haven't done anything you plan to do this summer yet? Then what are you waiting for? Get on it NOW! It's not too late to start. Just need to turn off the TV and kick your butt off from the couch ;) 

I'm back here again. Yes, I promised to you writing about what I've learned at Cafe Gratitude workshop with Matthew and Terces in SF.  Do you remember what my purpose is for this trip? Right. I wanted to know how I can leave scarcity in life and get an access to a world of plenty : a quest for an abundance in life. 

First, what is abundance? My idea is to have and experience the infinite supply from the universe in life. It sounds ok, but I guess it has to have more detail in it.  Matthew and Terces says abundance is the assurance and knowingness of being supplied. Meaning to say that abundance is always present and we have an access to it by being what we think, what we say, what we believe, the actions we take and the attitude we have. They explain we would be able to experience abundance if we keep our attentions on all the things we've already been given. 

As they started sharing all the good stories with the participants in the workshop, I was overwhelmed by curiosity and joy. I was so happy to be there listening, learning, sharing the experience with everyone. I deeply nodded when Matthew told us about how human beings easily see the world as something out there. We live as if life is happening to us. But in fact, we are the one sculpting our experience of life and projecting it to the present moment. Yes, there is no OUT THERE. 

It seems mastering of Beingness is the key to access to abundance. Beingness means what we think, what we say, what we believe, how we act, and what our attitude is. So, just look at what circumstances in your life you're in and want to change. I've tried this recently, and I'm making a change in life. I'll talk about it later, maybe next time.  You can experience a different circumstance only if you start shifting your thought to a new one. I love this quote from their book : " The game of life is the game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy. -Florence Shinn " 

Aside from practicing of Being, knowing that we are always being provided is another lesson to master. Otherwise, we'll fall into the swirl of something is missing, something is wrong. Our ego starts to control our life, yes, scarcity begins to show up in life. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your eyes and see/think what you have right now. Having a place to sleep, having love that you can share with your family and friends, having an access to internet? wow, that's amazing!! See how lucky we are to be provided? Be grateful for what you have and who you are and be worthy of receiving and giving. Keep your attention on what has already been given, then you start to see a whole new experience of life. One more great quote from their book : " While you fear missing a meal, you aren't fully aware of the meals you do eat. - Dan Millman "

I still continue to learn the teaching by reading the book, " The Abounding River ". I've found some assignments to practice so far. What I wrote here is just a small piece of my learning. I'll talk about more of this issue through my experience from time to time. My quest has a bright future. I am happy, I am happy to have my life as I create. I am being happy, then I am being ME. 

My huge gratitude goes to Matthew and Terces, and Angi, Marta, and everyone at Cafe Gratitude community. Thank you! and special appreciations to my inspirational friends, jon and Marie-Eve :) 

Much love and gratitude to you all,



  1. Awesome, Hana!

    I absolutely love this: "there is no OUT THERE"! Totally agree! Okay, I still have difficulties sometimes to remember it at every minute, but even so: WE ARE the world! WE ARE part of it!

    Thank you for the share! And thank YOU for being inspiring! You definitely ARE shining with a bright beautiful color!
    Much love to you, sister!

  2. Heeey, Miss. Sunshine!

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed reading it :) and glad I'm finally able to summarize a part of my experience of the workshop. I know this is not completed. There are other stories and learning to talk about. But I only wanted to give the main points of the practice/learning.

    Yeah, sometimes...I just don't want to believe I'm the one creating my life, present, myself, but hey, wake up! I AM the one who direct and project my own movie...I am a movie director of my own life.

    and thank you for sharing your awesomeness!! You definitely ROCK! Keep inspiring....Keep smiling.....Keep shining :) You are the ray of golden sunshine!

    Love and gratitude, my dear sis!