Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Superforest!

Yaaaaaaay! Happy Birthday Superforest!! Yes, my favorite blog site, Superforest is celebrating its 3rd birthday today! whoo hoo!! As they explain what Superforest is in their own words : SuperForest is a positivity blog. The members of our team are scattered across several countries, all united in a journey toward exploring how to redefine "environmentalism" and "sustainability" to encompass all aspects of life. Being so, everything you find on this website has been chosen to uplift and inspire one person: you.

If you haven't heard about Superforest yet, then go and visit the site! You'll be amazed and fall in love with it immediately. I promise, the blog site is yummy! and watch the special birthday video. That is their mission,  The Superforest Humanifesto.

Much love and gratitude goes to Team Superforest and every single Superforesters in all over the world!

Love and cyber group hugs ( Thanks Superforester  Sheri, I borrowed the word from you ) ,


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