Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Deliciousness Of Four Seasons

Having a good time in a new season? Yes! It's autumn!! A powerful energy coming from our mother nature, yes? I enjoy seeing the changes in the color of trees here. Central Park is the most amazing park in the world, I mean one of the best for sure. I found these amazingness the other day. Check this out!

See the beauty of the autumn? and you know what, it smells....sweet. Go outside and smell the air. It's sweet! I just daydreaming about devouring a yummy piece of pumpkin pie? Yum!

BTW, how do you feel now? I mean what stage of your mind are you experiencing? Upward or downward? Right way or the other way around? I believe I am not the only one who felt some kinda nostalgia or feeling down at the beginning of fall? Spring and summer are energetic compared to fall and winter which offers us a quiet and contemplative time. The sun comes out early and sets at an early evening hour of a day.  That's already enough to feel loneliness or long for a warmth of something! This seasonal changes have an effect on human habitual patterns or way of thinking? I guess...a little bit??

My experience with the four seasons is so far very interesting. How so? Ok, let's go back to January....The month of January was a new start of 2010. My life remained movement at all. I wanted to see a change, but it wasn't a time yet. So I waited. Anyways, winter is a great time for being cozy and contemplative? Then, spring comes...I had to go back to Japan for a few weeks and observed my dad's resurrection. Through the experience, I sensed something was about to happen. You know, seeing him obtaining a new life at the age of 77 was so cool. Yes, a change happened in my life as well. I was able to let myself go from an old comfortable zone as simple as possible. I freed myself. Finally! I felt like I was a new born baby or a new shoot on a tree! But I had no idea what would happen next and, lo and behold,  new exciting events kept happening throughout the summer! Then, my life simply got into a quiet term in September. I reconnected with my inner-self again and figured out which direction I'm gonna steer into. I am taking a tiny baby step towards the direction...what you call it as a " dream ". I look forward to a gift from winter...

ah, Ladies and gents...I'm now in a process of getting my driver's license. Beware New Yorkers! I'm gonna cruise around the city soon! It's a sort of my must-have item for making my dream into a reality. Yup, my baby step, that is! 

So, where are you at your life now? or where are you at your mind? 

Today, it's a New York Marathon Day! I shall give those runners some cheers as I see them across the city. They are so lucky to see these amazingness in Central Park while they participate in the event. I hope everyone is tasting a yummy autumn wherever you are. 

Cheers to you all. Life is happening as it is. Savor it as much as possible :) I have a blessed autumnal life today, so do you. 

Love and gratitude,



  1. i love the picture of the leaf on the wood chips. the color is amazing.
    yes, the fall was nostalgic.
    i, too, am in wait and see mode.
    ah, but winter here is the greenest season. i love it.
    san diego winters!

  2. 前からこの時期になるともうやる気がた落ち(笑)で

  3. @Jon
    I know, the fall color is amazing. Not as colorful as usual though...The heat and drought in this summer caused a lot of damages on trees, so I'll wait them to recuperate from the exhaustion till next spring time! Yeah, you've been telling me the winter in SD! We'll see, wether I can make another trip to SD during the winter or not. Finger crossed!


  4. Hana! Thank you so much for those sooo beautiful pictures!! Yeah, I'm also one of those who is affected by the decline in hours of day light... But it is alright! We will all make it through anyway! And some readings can put sunshine in our lives, fortunately! You know what I mean! ;)
    Hey! Much love to you, sister!
    Marie ☼

  5. Hey, sis! What's happening in your life? Winter is there already?! Fall is gone in NY, winter is here now. can I catch up with the speed of seasonal changes?! oy vey... ;p

    I've been busy being a flower/X'mas elf lately. Yes! I am grateful for being busy!! Love it <3 I miss chatting with you though. Can't wait to catch up with you more often soon!!!

    oh, BTW, Matthew and Terces released their new book, " Kindred Spirit ". I've got one and it's awesome!! Although...I only have a little time for reading now...I strongly recommend to get one for yourself as well :)

    Love always!


  6. I agree with Jonathan. The colour in that shot is wonderful.

    It reminded me of a couple of similar shot's I have taken.