Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beth's Postcard Project!

This is Elizabeth McClung. ( The photo was borrowed from Superforest ) She is an awesome human being who is spreading positivity and love into the world by sending out a postcard to anyone. Yes, anyone. My favorite blog site, Superforest posted a blog about her a while ago. I was inspired by her random act of kindness. You would love to read the blog post? Here's the link! Thursday's Inspiration Information
Anyways, I wanted to get involved with her project by sending her a postcard as a reciprocity of LOVE.  I worked on the project on Thanksgiving day, which is the perfect day to express my gratitude towards her attitude. Here's some pics of me...

 Drawing, drawing, drawing....
I cut out a cardboard into a size of postcard. Yup, recycling!
I decided to draw " Love in a Bottle " for her. 
 There, a finish product! 

I believe any snail mails are so precious, so intimate...! I love what Beth said on her blog : " The postcard is fantasy, it is encouragement, it is a companion against loneliness, it is a smile between friends. It is what you need it to be...that someone knows your name, and a little part of you, and cares about that part can sometimes get you through. " 

So, what do you think? Do you have someone in your mind sending a postcard? or wanna send Beth a LOVE card? You can write her a card to this address. Let's spread Love in to the world together, shall we? 

Beth McClung
PO BOX 2560
Port Angeles, WA 98362

and another interesting "Mysterious Letters Project" is on at as well. Check it out! These creative projects are so much fun! Have fun with it. Love, reciprocity, gratitude...our universe is filled with a good energy...It's abundant ;)

Love and gratitude,



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