Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Hibernation

It's too late to greet " Happy New Year"? There were so many events happened while I was hibernated from blogging. Yes, I didn't feel like writing anything at all. No, not a word. I only continue writing my morning pages/journals to track my thought or intention. It is true that I've been busy being a socializing butterfly since Christmas. Of course, being busy on the physical world means...less hours for spending time alone with myself and sitting in front of a computer! No time, no writing.

Writing is hard. It's not as same as commenting on someone's photos or SNS's wall. I need to commit myself to write. Keri Smith posted a fantastic blog while ago related to a writing matter. Here's what she posted:

“I procrastinate worse than anybody.” Writing is so hard. “I need eight hours to get maybe 20 minutes of work done. I had one of those yesterday: seven hours of self-loathing.”
“Writing is a deep-sea dive. You need hours just to get into it: down, down, down. If you’re called back to the surface every couple of minutes by an email, you can’t ever get back down. I have a great friend who became a Twitterer and he says he hasn’t written anything for a year.”
-Dave Eggers (from an interview with the Guardian)

Whatcha think? Do you agree? Writing is like a diving! ah, then...I've been just sunbathing instead of diving. ha ha.

Diving or sunbathing, you must have had a great holiday season. I believe everyone is doing well and following your own blissful path in 2011 already? Some are energetic, some may be experiencing downtime. It's ok, just allow yourself to open to the flow of life. No need to feel that you are not good enough or healthy enough, or not making enough effort to improve your life etc. You are doing your best just as you are. Allow yourself to have some space for a self-worthiness not only judging and criticizing :)

My yoga instructor, Steph and Kevin are great. They often tell us some inspirational stories before they start the class. I attended Kevin's class at Kula yoga project in Tribeca a while ago. He mentioned that yoga practice don't force us to do the perfect job on any poses. ( Cool! ) The practice guides us to learn how we create a space for breathing when we are in a struggle. Most importantly, it won't give you any grades. It teaches us to accept who we are or what we can do now. Everyone is doing the best. Each person's achievement is different and they are all good. No need to compare yourself to others at all. You are enough. Embrace your worthiness. So, here I am, I'm heading to Steph's class tonight. I'm with my beginner's mind. Open to any possibilities, open to any mistakes, open to any surprises! I am worthy of learning all the good and mistakes!

oh, and I watched this vid yesterday. I found it through Miss Joyologist, Tricia Huffman's tweet. It's perfectly related to this post. Enjoy!

Love and gratitude to you all,



  1. nice post.
    good to have ya back in the blog o' shere.

    yes, too many distractions. must stop the noise to focus and write. i have learned this from writing songs.

  2. Very encouraging:))
    I'll take my time to breathe, to indulge myself (not way too much, though), and allow me a lot of space to be creative, I hope.
    I quit twitter and facebook; they had been easy and captivating, but too distractive and time-and-energy-demanding, which sounds odd to you perhaps. I'll be as simple as I wanna be. I wanna concentrate on what really matters to me.
    I kind of hole up every winter, but it seems longer and longer year by year;D But, well, it's a course of nature, isn't it? ;DD I now believe it is absolutely necessary to be active in spring!

  3. @jon-Hola,Genki? Glad to hear from ya :) Writing requires time and a calm attitude to see what's in my mind. Haven't had that for a long time. How is your song writing? I've noticed you've uploaded some new tunes on YouTube!! Gotta check them out one by one!

    Rest up, sleep well ;)

    @Akane-Ohakonbanchiwa!Merci<3 Yes, breathe deeply and accept whoever you are! Get rid of those burden for being perfect. I stumbled on my yoga mat a lot at last night's practice. ha ha. Felt good though. You know, now I have a few things to challenge and conquer! Yeah, love it!

    oh, you were on facebook, too? That is a true time-waster. Well, you have your beautiful blog and other photo sites, you are good without any of those facebook or twitter :) and it's cool to be home during the winter. You can read more books, sleep longer, being stress free! so good :D I would stay home this coming Sunday...cuz it's gonna be extremely FREEZING!!! ugh...miss warm weather... :o But today, it stops snowing, the condition of street is so far so good...I guess my driving lesson is on! Yaaaaaah!

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  8. いやー、他の人の事なんか気にしなくてもいいですよぉ。みんな好きかってしてますし。(^^)v 翻訳システムかぁ、確かに、わけわからんかもしれない。私も一回どんな風になるのか試してみたけど,全然わからない文章になって、ずっこけました。爆。

    写真なら,Flickr, Tumblrのリンクが右端にのっかってます。そっちにいろいろあげてますよーっ。こっそりでも見に来てくださいね!



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