Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Frozen Tundra NYC and Life Goes On

This winter has been very nasty. I keep dreaming about the warm weather. Sunbathing in a tropical island would be so sweet :)  It is way too cold to get out today( 1/24 )! When I got up this morning, it was only 6 degrees...I love number 6, but not in the actual temperature! brrr...... no bueno...no, no, no.

Although I'm not a big fan of the winter at all, I love to see the beauty of it. I strolled around my favorite place, Central Park, yesterday and shot some pictures. I usually stay there for 2-3 hours....but man, the frigid weather didn't let me enjoy the scenery for that long. My finger felt numb soon after I arrived at the Ramble. All I can think of was to have a warm cup of cafe latte...Mmm, mmm.... :p There were a few people walking in the area, yes, it's so rare to encounter someone especially in the cold.  Here's some pics to share the wintry beauty with you all.

It's all about snow and ice. I'm longing for a spring warmth... oh, but you know what? A very cute tour guide said hello to me the other day.
Yes, a fierce red color bird, Cardinal! He looks like a little phenix, doesn't he? I also met a woodpecker, and other wild birds in the woods. If you wanna taste a little bit of nature in NYC, this is the place you wanna visit.

BTW, I've been thinking how this cold weather affects on us, humans. My dear friend, " J " lives in San Diego, where he could spend most of his days in 70s-80s. Sweet isn't it? No true winter, it's almost always mild and warm. Now, I have a question to ask...experiencing the cold and the stillness during the winter let us create a different culture or attitude or behavior compared to those people who live in a same weather pattern all year-round??? What do you think?

I only know that experiencing the winter let us observe and learn the cycle of life. You know,  we literally see its beginning in the spring and the end in the winter. We learn the perseverance from the winter, I guess??  Trees are naked, water remains frozen and still, no butterflies in the air, no fireflies to catch. Everything seems quiet and dead in the winter. It is the time for most of living creatures to slow down. It's not a total death though, it's a pause or a break before a new cycle. Underneath the thick ice, there's always life's miracle is happening.

I've never lived in a place without the winter. I'm curious how my perception in life changes if I live in a tropical island...hmm...well, until I plan to taste the tropical life, I shall explore my adventure in the winter then.

Yes, Life goes on.




  1. おお…前からなのですが、訳せないけど英語文のままで、何となく理解出来るよぉ〜。




  2. Hi, Hana chan! Ah, I guess the climate greatly affects the way people are. In a year round, I feel different season by season. Climate, geography, all have some markable influence on creature. Excuse me for not giving some concrete examples. I'm now too sleepy...haha.
    But I wanna say the photos are just beautiful! And they make me feel like visiting NYC in winter! Well, it's likely that I will be saying "oh, I don't wanna walk outside anymore, just wanna stay in bed." Or harsh but lovely nature will capture me?
    Oh, seems like my mind is slowing down... it's time to fall asleep. Talk to you later!:)

  3. @ごまさんーそうそう、6って番号は好きなんだけど、こないだ華氏6度/摂氏マイナス15度くらいだったの、午前中。。。やめてくれっていいたかったよー。でまぁ、6は好きだけど,気温の6度はやめんかーっっ!ってことです。笑。あぁ,この木の写真?これ、そのまんまの色です。曇りの日だったから,雪と木がモノクロっぽく見えるんやろねー。いがいが君は白黒にしたけど。写真としては,カラーも両方好きっ。



    @Akanechan-ha ha, you are so sweet to leave a comment despite of the sleepiness ;) Thank you, you're awesome!!

    Yeah, I guess a climate affects on us at a certain level on body and mind. Extreme cold weather usually just makes me so sleepy... :o I totally believe the winter offers us more sleep time. hee hee.

    My pics? thanks!! You're gonna be hooked on the beauty of the winter in NYC...no matter how cold or bizarre weather condition you're in. As a tourist, you'll enjoy it! But as a resident of NYC...I wish this winter to be end as soon as possible...!

  4. those are awesome pictules, hana! i love them.

    the winter has a very profound effect on people. i must find out more. and of course, it affects each person differently maybe, to some extent.

    i am very curious to hear other people's responses. so far, they're great.

    sleep. it is becoming my favorite thing in the world.
    and cake.

  5. Gracias,shinyu!

    You can always peek my photos on flickr or tumblr. I also love to use iphone a lot these days :)

    I agree. Some people even don't have any changes in their attitude during the winter. It strongly affects on my mind though. I become more contemplative...Let me know if you find some more interesting story over this issue?

    ah, sleep!! yeah, I sleep longer in the winter compared to the summer time. ha ha. Loving it!!
    ah, cake?! You? Being addicted on the sweet thing?! ha ha. I prefer...ICECREAM!