Saturday, October 2, 2010

PS.September BLUE Sky

PS. I forgot to add this part in my previous blog.  Reading an article of Psychology Today was a pretty good remedy to get out of the BLUE and stay focus on the present moment mindfully. One of my great friend sent me this link long ago. Here it is.

The Art of Now : Six Steps to Living in the Moment

It's a pretty long article to read, but I promise. It's good. Yum!
Thank you, my dearest Shinyu for sharing the deliciousness of it.

Have a crispy clear weekend!!

Love and gratitude,



  1. Wow, I love your new logo image!:)) Beautiful moon in the beautiful sky!
    OH, the article is way too tough for me to read through!;DD But I'll try.
    Concentrating on now is sometimes difficult, but it may be the best policy.

    Have a lovely sunday!

  2. Thank you! but you know what...I wanna change the font and the size of the text though? I have no idea what to do with it. ha ha.

    oh, and the article? I know it was pretty tough for me, too. but then it gets easier to comprehend what they say after taking the Cafe Gratitude workshop in SF. Interesting. and this is a just an additional post to my previous blog which was posted on the 30th of September. I forgot to add this part . hee hee. My senior moment kicks in!

    and yes. Our mind is too busy/noisy to focus on the life in the now.

    Hope you had a great weekend :) I had a yummy dim sum lunch today. It was a fun Japanese-French friends network gathering.

    Keep smiling!


  3. What a great article! Thank you Hana! "When people are not in the moment, they're not there to know that they're not there." Ha! Obviously! ;)

    I recognised all what it says, except for one thing. It is true that mindfulness (living in the NOW) brings me to less react to emotional impulse (this state is easier because I followed a "course" -which is actually a closed retreat of meditation- which the practice is based on the observation without reaction). But there is one type of moment that is an exception: when I am facing some beauties in this world (most often when I'm finding myself in the nature, or seeing a kid doing something really great, or... you get the picture, right?). In these moments, it certainly is the total opposite: instantly, my eyes get wet and my heart swells. It moves me at the highest point, but obviously in a very positive way: it just grow my love! Thus, on that point, I am automatically failing the "observation/no reaction (to such an extent that it sometimes is ridiculous!)! But you know what? I feel so good in these moments, that this just makes me so happy to fail, though!! ;)

    Wow, it's way too late for now, I have to stop reading at the 4th point, but I'll get back to it tomorrow.

    Good night, miss Hana! Hope the almost-full-moon will inspire your dreams!

  4. Very interesting. I guess.. you don't really need to try so hard not to overwhelm with your emotional matters. It's ok to feel it. You are not failing on anything at all. You are just so AWESOME! Feeling joy and happiness to the max is always good for us. Yummy :D
    You are a tad bothered about the idea of reducing self-consciousness and being mindfulness allows us not to be attached to the emotional dramas and stuff? I believe they are just saying that we should avoid being victimized by our mind's trick. You know, Sometimes, our mind where we make some evaluations beat us up badly. On a happy occasion, dig it. Dig your blissful moment all the way in your heart!!

    Oh, yes. Tonight is the full moon night. She was beautiful last night with her friend, Jupiter, right next to her. BTW, the manifestation you like, you gotta make it on the night of NEW MOON. Not on the FULL moon. Usually on the full moon night, we better thank to her kindness and effort to bring our dreams in a reality ;) Namaste...

    Brrr.....chilly today! Gotta get my check from now!

    Love and kisses,


  5. Oh, how I love paradoxes! To read about them or to realise them by myself, gets me to some deep thinkings, and this is so beneficial! I just finished reading the second half that I didn’t the other night. This read highlights some of them. So I’ve enjoyed a lot to article. Thank you, dear Hana!

    And… Thank you, thank you, thank you, The Art Of The Now!!! This means that I still have my sanity!?! Oh, gosh, the last point was so good to read, though! I feel like I am in permanent "mindlessness-times", as they call! This is probably why I look so young: "life passes me by without registering on me" because of those mindlessness-times, due to my way to "see the world with fresh eyes" everyday. I’ll take that explanation! ;) haha Yes, truely, "the more I notice, the more I see. And the more excitement I feel"!

    And... wow! The conclusion of this article is so great, they got the knack to bring the reader right into it. Brilliant!

  6. Oh, to answer to you:
    I wish I was this wise! lol But nope, I am still such a begginer to this! So yes, I still can get often overwhelmed with my emotional matters... The only difference for now is that I can recognise faster that I am, compared to before. But this is already such a great point! Right?

    And thank you for the clarification on the manifestation! I got my chinese coins, but didn't crafted it into a bracelet yet... But I will!

    Much love and gratitude, dear Hana!

  7. Oy, didn't know you are here again! Sorry, I missed your comments for so long ;p Yeah, I'm glad to share this article with you, too! My friend referred it to me last year or so. I kept the link and printed out the article, so I can always go back there and reread again.

    If we slightly move our awareness on our daily life...everything looks so different and fresh! Life is fresh as matter as fact. I believe you're experiencing a fantastic life in Canada at this now moment. Life is so simple. Life just gets many flavor. We savor it. We live with it. We experience it. How grateful to have TODAY as a fresh start!

    Love and gratitude always,